33 Years Old 2 Kids and Wanting a Bigger Booty - New York City, NY

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Went for a consult today with Dr Delvecchio,...

went for a consult today with Dr Delvecchio, looking to get a bbl done. I am a little bummed as the Dr said i will probably need a tummy tuck as well in the near future , was not expecting that, and really do not want a tummy tuck, but Dr Delvecchio said i may not be happy with the results because i already have some loose skin and bbl will make it worse.He said it might look better after the bbl,but its a 50/50. i had my son a year and a half ago, and i have a 15year old so i know i have some loose skin, but i did not think my stomach is that bad. im not sure what to do now. has anyone been told they need a tummy tuck ,and not gotten one, just did the bbl, and if you did, were you happy with the outcome? was the loose skin alot worse after? I am not looking for perfection, just a somewhat flat stomach a big but lol. oh by the way, iam 5foot4 138lbs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

bbl surgery booked

Well I ended up going ahead and scheduled my bbl surgery for August 22nd. I was on the fence about getting the surgery, as I was told I would eventually need a tummy tuck to get the results i want. the thought of a tummy tuck never even entered my mind, but after thinking about it and discussing it with my husband, I will get the tummy tuck. if I'm going to go through with the bbl surgery, I might as well go all the way to achieve my desired results. My Dr does not do the bbl and tummy tuck at the same time, which is actually good for me. I couldn't imagine recovering from both at the same time. So I will get my tummy tuck 6 months down the line. I really can't believe I am doing this. I am very excited, but extremely nervous as well. I have heard the recovery process is really hard.

21 days to go

Well some supplies just came in the mail, and I am officially freaking out!! This is all becoming so real now..A little back story on me. I am 33 years old, married mother of 2. my youngest is a little under 2 years old. I am 141lbs right now, gained 5lbs for surgery, as directed by Dr delvecchio. I am not looking for a huge ass, want a nice little bubble with some hips. Right now I have zero hip action going on, my body just kinda goes straight down. Dr Delvecchio, told me I would most likely need a tummy tuck, but I'm hoping my stomach will end up retracting nicely and I won't need one, but if it doesn't, I am open to getting one at a later time..This site has helped so much, and I want to share my journey and become a part of the community...I'll be posting more as I go a long. I am extremely scared of the recovery process, as I have been reading is really tough. I have a little one, and even though my husband will be helping, I just wanted a little feedback from others with toddler on how they handled taking care of their children, while recovering

Feeling guilty

The title says it all...Feeling really guilty that I am not telling family , especially my mom that I am having this surgery..I love my mom to death, but I know she will just try to talk me out of it, and I also don't want to scare her.. I speak to my mom everyday, and I only live a block away from her. I don't know how I'm going to avoid her for a couple of weeks, while I am in the hardest parts of the recovery of surgery. eventually I will see her, and she will be able to tell my body has changed, and I am, going to have to tell her what I did. Yes I am grown with a family of my own, and my husband is on board with my surgery, but I feel so bad about not sharing this with my mom.. I'm also worried how she is going to take it when she finds out that I did it without telling her. Anybody else going through this? Any advice??

Lower volume bbls

I am having my preop with Dr delvecchio tomorrow, and my surgery is already scheduled for the 22nd, but I have been wondering if there are any Delvecchio dolls, who didn't opt for large volume bbls? I know he is known for his larger volume fat transfers, but I am not really looking for a huge butt , I want a nice little bubble, but not too big. I am going to share my desired outcome with him tomorrow, but I was just looking to find any Dr delvecchio patients with similar stats, and also chose not too go" too" big. I am 5foot4 141lbs. Dr says he can probably put 1200ccs in, but I have a feeling, he will be able to get more, however I am going to tell him, 1200ccs, is the max amount of fat I want in.

11 days to go

It has been a few days now, but I had my post op with Dr D on Monday. He took some pics, I told him the look i was going for. I told him under no circumstances, is he to put it more fat than I ask for. I know, I may regret that later lol, but I am not looking for a hugebutt, really just looking for a better shape, flatter stomach, and perKier bottom. We agreed on 1300ccs, I also told him to " suck me dry " lol..He said he would have me looking good, but also reminded me that, I am going to need a tummy tuck eventually. He said my stomach will look nice and flat in clothes, but out of clothes, I will probably not like it. I am open to having a tummy tuck in the future, if need be. I don't show my stomach now, so I'm not really worried. I am married, so he is really the only person seeing my stomach. If I am really displeased with the results, I will get a tummy tuck. On a different note, I am getting nervous, as I have been seeing some not so favorable results and posts from Dr delvecchio patients. Mainly about lumpy stomachs from lipo. One girl had a big seroma on her behind and has to go get drained. I pray I am making the right decision. Part of me is excited for this surgery, and the other part of me is extremely anxious. I was looking at Dr Schulman, and love his results, also there is not one bad review for him, but he is extremely expensive, he would be about 4000 dollars more than what I am paying now, and what I am paying now is already alot. Also I picked this month for surgery, because it fit my life style situation best, as I have things that I have to attend to in the fall and winter, and can't afford to be recovering at that time..I have bought all my supplies, and paid off all my surgery, so I believe, I am going to go through with it..Don't get me wrong, I have also seen amazing results and posts from patients of Dr delvecchios, and I know he does so many surgeries not everyone is going to be pleased every time, just seems like lately i have been reading more negative. Sorry for the long post
all, just needed to get that off my chest.

Weight gain

Ugh I feel so gross. I have gained 7lbs since my consult with Dr delvecchio on June 27th. I was 137, Dr D told me to gain 5 lbs and I ran with it lol just checked the scale and I am 144 lbs now. I should have stopped after the 5, but I love to eat and kept telling myself, its ok Dr D will suck it out lol.But now I'm feeling a little depressed over it. Was wondering how easy or hard it was for you ladies to loose the weight after your surgery? Also I was thinking about doing a juice cleanse a few days before surgery, as I have heard it could be of benefit not to eat solids a couple days before surgery..Any ladies have any feedback

3 more days!!

Well my big day is slowly approaching, and I am so nervous..I'm kinda pissed off because my patient coordinator has been really giving me the run around. Its all really bizzare, . Went for preop 2 weeks ago, when I went the machine was down and she was unable to take my credit card payment for the remaining portion that was due. I told her I would call her the next day and give her the cc information, she said ok and, she is in Boston at the doctors main office during the week, but I should give it to the other girl. So I do that, and about 4 days go by and I see she still hasn't charged my card, I know your probably thinking this is a good thing but I really wanted to have it go through and, pay the card right off the next day. Well anyway than I decide to call my pharmacy and see if my scripts were called, they were not. So I have been trying to get in touch with this girl for days to call my scripts in and take my money from my card..I have been calling and calling, leaving messages with the receptionist and she will not call me back!! Here we are the Thursday before my surgery on Monday and no meds called in, after tomorrow is the weekend and if she doesn't call by tomorrow I will not have them to bring with me for Mondays surgery..thank God the other assistant peg has been helping me. I just can't make sense of it..I gotta beg for her to take MY money??? The other assistant is telling me how busy the other one is and, thats why she hasn't called me back, which is still unacceptable to me and extremely unprofessional..no matter how busy she is, she knows I have surgery Monday and have been trying to get in touch with her for days, she could take 2 minutes out of her day to let me know that she is busy and she will take care of it. But no, nothing. I was very close to canceling surgery..I cannot believe how unprofessional she is. When I go for surgery, I am going to be sure to tell Dr D, that because of his patient coordinators unprofessionalisim,,he was very close to loosing business..I am a very understanding person, if she would have just picked up the phone for one minute and,explained that she was busy, I would have been fine, but not calling me back, and ignoring my calls is totally unprofessional. I am not just a patient, but I am a paying patient, and deserve more care than this. Funny thing, I have met her twice at the office and each time, she was very nice, but this has really put a bad taste in my mouth. Instead of relaxing and being calm before surgery i have been so anxious over this. I have heard about Dr delvecchio lack of after care, and if this is anything of what's to come, I'm scared. Although I will not blame this on Dr D, because I am not dealing with him right now. If I do have surgery Monday, I will be sure to get a direct number for Dr delvecchio, because I do not want to have to rely on Javonica. Also I am not that from Dr D's office, I will pop up if I have to..
Sorry for the rant ladies, just really mad and needed to vent

The time has arrived

I am here at the surgi-center..surgery time is at 8am..I am surprisingly calm right now. Wish me luck

1 day post op

So I had my surgery yesterday with Dr delvecchio. Feeling great so far, just some soreness, but other than that I can't believe how well I'm feeling. Got 1900ccs. Not loving what I look like right now, but I know I just had surgery and am very swollen, so I'm trying to remember that..here are a couple pictures.

New garment..

Just changed into my leonisa, feeling pretty good..just bruised up beyond belief

Feeling great

Well today I am 2 days post op, and so far feeling great. I have been up walking around, just did laundry..hoping i stay like this. Took my first shower and it felt great. As for the booty..it is huge right now lol..I'm hoping it goes down a little, but all in all I like it. There is no hiding this booty so I'm sure everyone in my family and neighborhood will have something to say. Not sure what to tell people. I have told a couple of friends, my husband and daughter but no one else..I was thinking of saying I been doing a lot of squats, but I'm pretty sure no one is gonna fall for that lol.

Booty in sweats

Not loving my results yet

Well ladies, so far recovery has been very easy for me. I've had close to no pain, been up and walking from day 1,was able to clean and even do a load of laundry. I was terrified of the pain, but so far everything has been good. Not being able to sit is a pain in the ass (literally) lol.I have since showered twice, and changed into a tighter garment today. Tomorrow will be my first massage. I am looking forward to it, I still have the foams Dr D puts on during surgery, on me now, gonna ask the massage girl to take it off for me.
I am going to tell you, although things physically have been great, psychologically it has been a little hard. I'm still swollen and bruised, cannot see any definition in my hips yet, so it is hard to love my results as of yet. I know it has only been 3 days, and I have to give my body time to heal, after months and months of research, I know full results can take anywhere from 3 months to a year even, my but is definitely bigger, there is no doubt about it. And,this is what I wanted, but I know for me,I actually cried today. It is hard to get use to having a new body, when you have only known one your whole life. I think I thought I would fall in love with my shape right away, and I have come to the realization it is going to take some time to get use to. Just wanted to give you dolls a heads up that you may not like what you see right away, some of you will, but for those who don't, just know it is normal, and we have to give our bodies time to heal and mold

Just fainted

Be careful ladies. Even though I have had an easy recovery, as far as pain wise. When I got out of the bed to get some thing to drink i started to feel dizzy and,passed out. Fell very hard on my but, hit my back into the wall. Thank God my husband heard me fall and,came to help. This really snuck up on me, cuz I have been doing great. I think because I have been feeling so good, I over did it today. Cooked, cleaned, played with my son in the park..yes too much for only be ing,4 days post op. I will be taking it easier, for now on . So ladies even if you are feeling good post op, remember our bodies have just been through hell,and needs time to heal. Feeling much better now..I may go to my pcp,tomorrow to have my pressure checked

1st massage

Had my first massage today and God Damn it was painful, but I do feel better now, it definitely helps and, loosens you up. I bought a package of 12 for 600 bucks. Going again Tuesday. I would like to go at least 2 times a week. On another note, I got to see my stomach for the first time since surgery, because the girl took the foam off..which by the hurt like a bitch.
Dr D was right, I definitely have loose skin it doesn't look that bad when I'm standing up but sitting down ,it looks a mess. I mean my stomach is flat and,in clothes I think it will look good, but I may end up having a tummy tuck down the road. I was never a person to show my stomach, and wasn't planning on it after the bbl, but now I'm definitely contemplating it down the road. I am still in early recovery, so I'm hoping with the massages and the right garment it will look a little better, but right now I'm not liking it..Dr D did warn me of this, and explained how my stomach would look because of the loose skin and the lipo making it worse, so it is not his fault. I guess a little part of me was hoping my skin would retract better and I wouldn't need one, but I knew there was a chance. So just giving you girls the scoop. Feeling better right now, just keep drinking tons of liquid so I do not get dehydrated. Oh moral of the story...Take your pain pill before your massage. It will help

2nd look

Hey ladies, so I got home and really had a chance to look at my stomach, and it is not so bad. There is definitely some loose skin, but he did get me flat as a board. Sitting down makes my stomach way worse, but I just wanna post a little positivity..My stomach is flat, and I will finally be able to wear a tight shit tucked in with no bulge of fat, so I am happy about that. I am not saying that a tummy tuck is still not in my at a later time, because yes I do have some loose skin, but I am going to look at the positive instead of the negative..

Stomach pic

4 days post op stomach

To sit or not to sit?? That is the question

As I said I went for my first massage today and the girl had me laying and sitting on my but the whole hour I was there. I told her I thought it was a bad idea, but she said it was ok and it was really the only way she could massage me..my question is. Aren't we not supposed to sit? For the girls who did there massages early on.what did you do? Is this why Dr D isn't big on them? I'm a little confused. Most vets say the earlier the better for massages, but my question is, how to get one without messing up the booty? Any advice ladies?

Birthday blues

Today is my birthday and I'm feeling really bad. I am hating the way I look right now. My legs are so huge and,swollen and my ass is huge. I know I am only 6 days post op, but I just can't get over the way I look right now. I have been a mess these passed couple of days regretting this surgery. I cannot wait for my legs to go back to normal size and my ass to go down. Dr Delvecchio agreed not to put more than 1300ccs in at preop but than went And put1900. I know everyone says to put more because you loose alot of volume,but I didn't want this much. I know I could not mentally handle having such a drastic change in my shape..I'm hoping and praying it goes down, because I don't think I live looking like this.. Anyway feeling really down now. Cannot wait for this swelling to go away. My husband has been great trying to make me feel better ,got me a birthday cake, brought my favorite food home for dinner, but I don't feel like celebrating right now. The physical recoveryis nowhere near as hard as the psychological recovery from this surgery. Can anyone give me some info on when the swelling in the legs go down..and what about my ass? It is so huge and,high right now..Did anyone else feel like this? When did you end up liking your results, if ever?

Emotional journey

Well today i am 8 days post op, and let me say that even though I'm still so early in my recovery, it has been very hard emotionally.. No matter how much research you do on this procedure, and know what to expect, nothing can prepare you for it until you are in it.. Physically I have been bounced back pretty well and very fast. Minimal if any pain, I've been self sufficient since the day of my surgery with the exception of fainting one night, I have been ok. Mentally and emotionally is another story. My legs are still extremely swollen and look like tree trunks. They are about 3times bigger than my normal legs. Looking in the mirror and seeing a body i do not like right now,or recognize has been very tough. I know some girls come out of surgery and are immediately happy with their results, but not everyone experiences that, I have not. My but is swollen and very big right now, it has definitely gone down and is not as high anymore, but it is still bigger than I imagined it would be. Yes I did this surgery to have a bigger butt, however I just wanted a little tweak, I was in it more for the lipo and sculpting. Dr D without my permission put alot more ccs in than I wanted. I know I should be happy, as everyone is telling me I'm going to lose so much of it, so the more the better, but I asked for the amount of ccs I asked for,for a reason. I had seen that amount on other girls with similar body types like mine, and really liked it. I knew I could not mentally handle having more than that, but he did what he did,and im trying to get use to it. One day down the line, I might wish he put more ..who knows, but right now, it has been hard looking like a completely different person from the waist down.. if it were just the butt, it would be one thing, but looking at my swollen legs on top of that is driving me crazy. And I know it is swelling and eventually will go away, but until then it sucks!!
I had two days where I just cried all day, asking God why did I do this to myself. I think my poor husband thought he was gonna have to check me into the nut house lol. He has Really Been my rock through this. I thank God for him. But also all the girls on here and instagram that I follow have really helped by telling me this is normal and they went through it too. Sometimes you just really need to hear that. I am feeling alot better today, trying to stay positive. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but today I am ok.
Moral of this post is to say this is an emotional journey. It is not all roses and sunshine, or big beautiful butts and smiles. This is hard on the psyche. Even if this is something you wanted for so long, and did all research on the recovery. Nothing can prepare you until you are living it. Patience is really a big part in this recovery, unfortunately a trait that I am missing, always been a problem for me..big character flaw of mine..Anyway we have to give our bodies time to heal..Time for the pain to subside, time for the swelling to subside, Time for the booty to drop and,fluff lol.

3 weeks postop

Gonna update more in my next post. Just wanna post a quick booty pic .3 weeks postop today

4 weeks postop

Hi ladies, I know its been awhile..just wanted to give a little update..physically feeling 100 percent back to normal, mentally and emotionally ALOT better, it was hell the first 2to3 weeks, as I posted previously, I hated the way I looked at first, my legs were the size of tree trunks, my ass was swollen and entirely too big,i cried,screamed asked myself over and over..why did I do this to myself, but here i am a month later, and all you girls were right, my ass has gone down...ALOT..thank all of you for helping me through that time by reassuring me,that my butt would not stay that size and things would get better, your words really helped get me through..
I'm shocked to say, but I think I might have a case of butt greed..Never thought I would suffer from this lol, but I have lost alot of booty..I am happy with my size now,but scared I'm going to lose more.. My stomach is pretty flat, and so far it looks like I will not need a tummy tuck, I have no loose skin, just stretch marks from having 2 children, and I am ok with that.. I've earned those stripes!! Lol.. I am noticing some asymmetry though, right butt cheeck is bigger than left. I had this before surgery, but told Dr, so he could try to fix it, unfortunately it doesn't look like he did..I see him in a couple of weeks for a checkup and will bring it up to him..Even if he offers, I don't think I could go through this again..I have been getting massages since 4 days post op 2times a week. My sides are still swollen and I'm not snatched the way I want to be yet..I'm hoping time and compression garment along with massage will help..So all and all I am finally starting to like my results..There are a few areas I wished looked better, but I know I'm still recovering and maybe things will look better in time.. I'll keep you all posted after my 6 week appointment with the Dr..Again thanks to all you girls who helped get me through a rough couple of weeks

Sorry forgot this one

2 month post op

Hi ladies, its been awhile since I been on here, so I just wanted to give a little update. I am 2 months postop today,and I am finally loving my results..it took awhile, but after the swelling went down and the surgery blues went away, my results started coming through..unfortunately most of my hip fat reabsorbed, so my hips are almost back to the way they were before..everyone Warned me the hips were hardest to keep the fat, and they were right.. my butt has gone down alot, but I'm still loving it..looks very natural, like a little bubble lol.. I can't believe im saying this, but I'm thinking of a 2nd round to add more hip fat, and correct a little asymmetry..I had some asymmetry before surgery, so I knew it may not completely go away, but it is better now..hoping another round will fix it completely this time..ladies butt greed is so real. When I first had surgery and other girls would tell me, I will be wanting more..I thought there would be no way .I cried for 2 weeks because I thought my butt was too big, boy the difference a couple of weeks can make lol..After swelling goes down and you lose volume, you wish for more..I unfortunately don't have any new pics to post as of right now, but I will post some soon..just wanted to check in with an update

2 month post op

Here are a couple of pics..Booty went down alot, but still liking my little bubble
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Very honest and upfront about my desired outcome.

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