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I am writing about this everywhere i can because...

I am writing about this everywhere i can because it was such a rip off...

So, they take measurements all over your body and then wrap you really tightly in mineral soaked ace bandages. Then they have you exercise and sit in a steam room to get out all the toxins. Then they unwrap you after an hour and retake your measurements. Bascially I lost the most “inches” off of my ankles...then they guarantee you will lose 6 inches, i lost 6 and 1/4 inches, coinicidence? Maybe, except i was watching her write down my measurments and things just weren't adding up. Also, 6 inches all over your body is NOTHING, this was stupid.

I did feel refreshed after and I think the minerals are great for your skin but for 200 dollars? Please, a total rip off.

the new york suddenly slender on park

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