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So, there was a promotion on the new ZOOM...

So, there was a promotion on the new ZOOM whitening, i got it done yesterday. First, these people on here who are saying how badly it hurt them and they got burned and that they're on pain killers etc etc. do not listen to them!! i went into this office so scared because of what these people wrote. You get to the dentist (a professional dentist) sit down in the chair and they prep you, it does not take an hour like others have said... maybe 20-30 minutes, max. they put the gaurd over the gums and cotton above that just to prevent the bleach from getting onto your gums. then they put the bleach on your teeth and the light up to your mouth and you sit there... they're 15 minute sessions and i lasted through 3 and a half (max is 4). by the end of the second session i had TINY zings in random teeth, nothing that really hurt and you wouldnt really notice unless you were looking for them. By the middle of the 4th session, i was getting much much more intense zings which is why i stopped. They hurt, yes. BUT they seriously last a second. Probably for the next 2 hours the zings were pretty intense about every 2 minutes to random teeth but then after that they were minimal and now, less than 24 hours later i'm 100% okay. I would say it's more uncomfortable rather than hurting. My teeth are very white, i'm completely satisfied and the minor pain is definitely worth the outcome. PS, i have zero sensitivity to heat or cold. And i want to say to all the people below that there must have been severe problems with your teeth before you even went into this proceedure because even my drs. had never heard of people in that much pain.

Drs. Curatola and Zagami

They're great and they care --- definitely pay attention to you the entire time coming in every 2 minutes to make sure you're not in pain.

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