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I just had the procedure done yesterday, lower...

I just had the procedure done yesterday, lower face only. The pain is definitely manageable. I was given percocet(sp) and something to minimize inflammation. With the pain killer I only had brief (1-2 seconds) of an ouch pain. Sort of like a quick very hot sensation. You have to have a pain med! It took about 40 minutes for the actual procedure. I was able to take the train home right after they finished.

There is an immediate change to my skin texture, feels very soft and supple. Also the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth - big difference (although I know some of this is temporary. I have some mild bruising along my jawline today and the area is tender - but not bad. So far there are changes already in my eye and cheek region but nothing along the jawline but I know that will take time. I will keep posting over the next 90 days to let you know how it all turns out, fingers crossed!

Hi, I had my 90 day follow up. It's very...

Hi, I had my 90 day follow up. It's very interesting, I totally notice a difference - much tighter in the neck area, jowls diminished. I wish I had done my upper face as well given the results. My husband said he doesn't notice anything different but he did say a few times last week that I 'looked good'. The doctor has told me that he actually sees continued improvement up to 6 months after tx. So I will be back in late March to compare photos and see if there is any more improvement. I also have been taking 500mg of Vitamin C a day - to help build collagen but not sure if it helped or not - but it can't hurt! It's subtle but that's what I was looking for. Also, I did a chemical peel a few weeks after the tx and that definitely gave my skin a boost as well.
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I am only saying undecided because I want to see a)if it lasts or fades quickly and b)any additional improvement in 3 months, still have some laxity in the neck.

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