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I just recently had my nose fixed. I have a very...

I just recently had my nose fixed. I have a very long and boxy tip.

the surgery was 3 weeks ago and so far I am very unhappy with the results. I read and heard that it takes months for the skin to shrink but my nose looks exactly the same. The surgeon did raise my tip and said he took most of the cartilage out, but the box is still there and even looks more enhanced that before. My doctor told me I have very think skin. Also the skin above my tip seems hardened and makes my nose appear even wider than it was before.

My question is: will the skin really shrink (box disappear) or if my sin is too thick, will it just stay the same? What about the thickness of the skin above my nose?

I am scheduled to see my Doctor again this saturday and I am sure he will tell me the same as he has before. I saved a long time to have this done, and i feel somewhat cheated. Should I ask him to fix it or will my nose really for to a smaller shape over time?

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