Almost 5 Months After Rhino... Bleh. - New York

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I had my deviated septum fixed as well as minor...

I had my deviated septum fixed as well as minor rhinoplasty. I am not happy with the results thus far. It has been almost 5 months. I had trouble breathing before and now I still can't breathe as well as I could, which really wasn't well at all.

I had no idea they were going to be removing so much of my septum that the tip would look so dramatically different. I was so upset when I looked in the mirror after the surgery to see how much was missing, nearly 1/2 an inch.

My nose was crooked because the septum was long and pushing the tip to the left and the right nostril was very exposed, which caused other problems. I wanted the right side to match the left and asked my Dr. if the left side would change because i liked the way it looked. He said no. Obviously he was wrong or lied. I don't know. So now the shape of the tip is dramatically different and I am very upset about that.

I wanted the bump slightly filed down because on the 3/4 views it was very angular and broken looking (I broke it twice as a child - fell on cement, then a car accident) and I wanted it smoothed out but not super straight b/c I was afraid of looking dramatically different.

My Dr said no one would notice the difference. But it looks very different. To me it seems he just made the bump more defined. The last time I saw him was after 3 months and touched the piece above the tip and said it was still swollen and took some after photos. I am hoping the tip and part above the tip are still very swollen. I have always been self conscious about my nose but now I am even more so. When I look in the mirror I get an anxiety issue every time. I hope everything works out in the end.

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