41 Years of Age, 1 Child & in Dire Need of New Implants - New York, NY

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I originally had breast augmentation in 2003....

I originally had breast augmentation in 2003. Saline/subglandular. I intended on looking into redoing my breasts with silicone & going submuscular as it has been 11 years, the implants appeared smaller than they were after settling originally & there was also some rippling. I woke up one morning to discover that the left implant ruptured & now with extreme asymmetry I'm forced to do them sooner than later. It will now cost me more bc I have grade 1 capsular contracture, want silicone instead of saline & want to go under the muscle this time. Is the cost about right for NYC for what needs to be done? Will I be in a lot of pain bc I'm going under the muscle this time?

Finally did the surgery

I just had my boobs redone yesterday by Dr. Jason Altman. So far so good. I'm following all instructions to the letter. I didn't have a lot of pain post surgery but I also filled my prescriptions & had them with me the day of the surgery. I loved Dr. Altman's energy since the first time I met him for a consultation. I have a post op appointment on Monday & I'm anxious to get a good look at my new implants. I have now gone submuscular, silicone (gummy bear) implants 500cc. I didn't have a lot of adipose tissue in the breast prior to augmentation so the size doesn't look like a "D" cup. It has a very natural size & feel. I had a great experience & would recommend anyone of my friends or acquaintances that are interested in having breast augmentation to go to Dr. Altman at doctors plastic surgery.
New York Plastic Surgeon

The original set of implants were done in a NYC hospital in the borough of Manhattan. The doctor was fine but I don't believe he had many years of experience at that time. I'm sure that he's mastered his craft now as he has now moved on & has his private practice on the upper east side in NYC. I didn't go back to him bc when I booked my consult, I was quoted a lower price than when I got to the appointment that day. I felt that I shouldn't have been charged a consult fee anyway as u was a returning client. Although he did my surgery 11 years ago I sought him out (even though I wasn't 100% pleased w/the first set) I wanted to be loyal & figured by now hems be more skilled. Then when I agreed to pay a lower cost for consultation & asked what an estate of the cost would be I wasn't given a ball park. They wanted to force me to go with him rather than do a few consults & make an informed decision. The fee would have been applied to the surgery & was non refundable if I decided not to use him. Not having a clue as to what the cost would be & wanting to explore my options I just couldn't agree to that. I felt that I should have been treated better than that since I would have been a loyal patient of his & at least considered having him do them for a 2nd time

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