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Hello Ladies Im 27yrs old, 5'4 and 158 pounds....

Hello Ladies
Im 27yrs old, 5'4 and 158 pounds. Wife and mother of 2. I have a medium build. Small breast, small butt and no hips. I've wanted the BBL for at least 4yrs now. I finally have my surgery scheduled and payed for. July 25, 2013 with Dr. Matthew Schulman. So next week as long as my blood work is fine. I cant explain how excited I am!!!! I will be posting before and after and as many steps as i can in between. I will also post my before and after measurements. I hope to get at least 800cc in each cheek and 200cc in each hip. Feel free to ask any questions!

Only 5 more days!!!!!

I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. A few of these things I saw on other bbl reviews. Bactine for cleaning around the drains. Arnicare is a pain relieving cream. Gauze pads, extra socks, bigger panties, womens multivitamin, and wet wipes. I still need to get a female urinal and drop cloths so I don't ruin my bed. I will also bring an extra sheet so I don't ruin the hotel sheets.
Ill add my before pics next week when theres something to compare them to.

The big day has arrived

Im in NYC. I just had my appointment with Dr.S. He's a really nice guy, very easy to talk to. He made me feel comfortable. The way he does his procedure seems way easier than others make it. No drains, no painful massages. Quick and easy recovery. Well I guess we will see. I have my prescriptions and Im ready. Tomorrow Ill be a new women!!!!! Decided to upload my gross before pics. Chose to wear high waist pants so you could see the difference when I do my after pics with the same jeans.

Dr.Schulman and his crew did the d*** Thang!!!!!!!

I dont think Ive ever been this happy.When I woke up there was a nurse sitting by my side. He made sure I had everything I needed. I thought I would feel much worse but it honestly felt like I was sore from a crazy gym workout lol. It felt better when i put weight on my side rather than butt. I drank 2 small cans of orange juice and took my first perc. I slid into the backseat and went to the hotel. I slept most of the ride. I ate half of a turkey sandwich, took my antibiotics and went to sleep. After sleeping on and off for a few hours I got up and took pics. I LOVE the results. Just thinking about how small my waist will be when the swelling goes down...its incredible

What a night

I slept on and off all night. Like every other hour I got up and walked around the room. The most painful part of this is having to get in and out of the bed. Around 4am I kneeled on the seat of a chair and laid my head on a pillow. It was actually more comfortable than the bed and easier to stand up. As long as I stay up on my meds the soreness is bearable. If any one has good experiences with sleeping or comfortable positions let me know.

My husband drove us home and I laid across the back seat on pillows. It was about a 3 hour drive. So uncomfortable but we made it. Feels good to be home. Im able to walk up and downstairs. Still trying to find the best position to sleep. Keep having to remind my 3yr old to be gentle with me. The first thing he did when he saw it was punch it. OOOUUCCCHHH

But Im ok though. Couldn't do it without my husband. Its all worth it.

I forgot to say

I don't know exactly how much each side but they told me he injected a total of 2100ccs

day 3

So far so good! I do feel better each day. I can push myself up and get out of bed with way less pain. I can raise my hands over my head with out feeling sore. Im sleeping good also. I got some tips from booty4real that really helped. I put 2 maxi pads inside the top of my garment. It was just so tight against my ribs. I adjusted my pillows a little different and put a small pillow under my feet. I switched to extra strength tylenol in the day time. I do take 2 oxys before bed to help me sleep. I switched to tylenol because the oxys make me feel high and give me a crazy headache afterwards.

Im still loving the results. I've tried on some dresses and pencil skirts and i feel amazing. My husband didnt even know what to say. i love the hips, the butt is a little bigger than i would want so i look forward to a little loss. It also may just be because it looks weird with this garment on. Ive lost 10 pounds since the surgery. The day of, before surgery i weighed 160 exactly. The day after surgery i weighed 162 and this morning i weighed 152. I can actually see where i lost fluid so im happy. I still have fluid in my lower belly. Im going to get an ab board and Ive already purchased my Calendula tea.

I have a small appetite. I feel hungry but probably eat a quarter of every meal. But im drinking lots of fluids. Water, Gatorade and Cranberry juice. Still taking my antibiotics, arnica, multivitamin and bromelain. between me and my husband we rub on my arnica gel and scratch all my itchy spots we can reach with my garment on.

I had my first bm yesterday. I didn't even take any stool softeners. but before i knew it i had to go. so i cut the thong strap in the back of my garment. There was no way i could get it off in time. But i went fine. Wasn't a pleasant situation though holding myself up by the sink and squatting.

Just have 1 concern

So I feel great. Sleeping and moving around perfectly. Monday was my first shower which was amazing. I absolutely love my body. Seeing it with no garment on made me love it even more. I'm just a little concerned about my belly. I know Its only 6 days post sx and I still have a long way to go. But it's bigger than most of the pics I've seen of other women. it's still really swollen and a lil more sore than the other lipo areas. Should I be massaging or putting ice on it. Im still waiting on my ab board. The high waist jeans that I thought I would be able to take after pics in, I can barely fit. And thanks ladies for all of your support and well wishes.

I can fit those jeans now

Still feeling amazing. I can do almost everything I could do before surgery. I still cant carry my 10 month old on my hip. That girl is heavy and Im still sore. But more bending and moving around is possible. I went to a show last night and I couldn't walk as fast as normal but I could stand up straight. It was an art show so I didn't have to worry about sitting. I felt so confident. Not worrying about people looking at my flat butt. I had no worries. I wore a long flowy skirt with a split. It covered my butt nicely but you could still see it was big under there. I had to take off my garment because you would be able to see it. I did wear a super tight girdle though.

I drove for the first time last week. I sat on a rolled up yoga mat and boppy behind me. It was uncomfortable because I was sitting so high. Felt like I was driving a go cart or something. Plus the mat slipped a little. I have to figure out something better before I go back to work. I went to Walmart that day. I wore a maxi dress and I could feel the eyes. Im not used to all the attention. My butt did go down some since my last post. I tried on those jeans again this morning and they fit. Its a bittersweet feeling because I did want it to go down, but I don't want to loose to much. Its perfect right now. The swelling in my stomach is also going down. My back is still a little swollen still. Im completely happy. My husband loves it. I cant wait to go to the gym to tighten up. And I used to hate going to the gym. Any bbl pros go to the gym yet or work out?

I see Dr. S on Wed. I cant wait to get my new garment. Which stage 2 garment is the best? I am so sick of this one. Because my skin is so sensitive it makes this garment uncomfortable to wear. Some spots are still numb and it just feels weird and itchy. Im also tired of it because I wear it pretty much 24/7. I Just take it off to wash it and shower. Last night was the first night I slept with out it. For the ladies who've also had a bbl how often do you wear your stage 2 garment? Do you sleep in it? I guess Ill also find out from Dr.Schulman on Wed.

First day back to work

Hello ladies!! Can't believe it's 19 days post op. I saw Dr.S last Wed and he said I'm healing perfectly. He told me I got 1050 each side. He snipped the ends of the stitches that were still remainingand I purchased my stage 2 garment.

Yesterday was my first day back to work. I only took 2 weeks off. Im on my feet all day so I wasn't worried about having to sit. Im pretty close with the people I work with so they know that I got the surgery. As soon as they saw it the screamed and wanted to touch it. All I could do is laugh. I tried to hide it by wearing a long dress but there's no hiding this thing. With the deep scoop in my back and projection all the material gathers in the middle, almost a wedgie. But I felt fine. I didn't get tired or have any pain. I was paranoid that everyone was looking at it. I have to get used to it.

I made my yoga mat and bobby comfortable for driving. I folded the mat instead of rolling it. I'll post pics of that tomorrow. But I put the mat right at the crease where my butt and thigh meet and the bobby behind me. As low as possible without hitting my butt. It was actually comfortable.

I can start wearing my stage 2 garment this week. The garment I have has the butt covered and no front opening. It reminds me of a wet suit. I went down to a size med so I know I'll be extra compressed. lol
I feel like its going to shrink my butt if I'm squishing it for 3weeks.

My belly is still going down little by little. Still a little sore to the touch where I had lipo. My skin is sensitive though and a lot of my back, sides and stomach are still numb. My skin is pretty tight everywhere I had lipo except my lower belly. On my sides and back it feels hard underneath like muscle and it feels tight when I stretch. Im making sure to massage out any lumps I feel. My butts not hard anymore. Its firm, not giggly yet though. A few nights I couldn't stand to wear my garment because I was so itchy. I read that I could take benedryl to help but I got some caladryl instead and it definetely worked.


So it's been 19 days. this week will make 4 weeks post op. I've gone down a lot. It's not big anyone. It's average. I think my job has a lot to do with it. My job is physically demanding. I'm walking all day and lifting and bending. Im thinking I burned the fat off. What do I do know? I spent to much money to be unhappy. No fault to Dr. S. He did everything he was suppose to. But can I try to gain weight and just do crunches? I need help ladies.

can't believe it's this small

feeling better

Thank you ladies for all your support. It truly means a lot to me. I do feel better. I still made a total transformation from what I started with. Im just going to be patient. Im going to start going to the gym next week. Upper body and abs. Just going to focus on the things I can effect. Maybe a few extra brownies will put some weight on the booty. lol

hey ladies

It's 6 weeks post op. I feel way better than I did my last post. It's not my dream booty but its way more than what I had and I'm happy with it. I was thankful to even have this opportunity. I also realized that with or without this body we all desire, were still all beautiful women. We all have people that loved us before our big booties. There's more important things to be worried about. Anyway I feel good. I have lumps and hard spots that I try to rub out. Im thinking I might need to get a professional massage. Those spots are sore. Im still numb on some of my back and still get super itchy. I've been doing some crunches but that's it. Im just wearing my squeem. I hate that other garment. Life is good. Im wearing outfits I only dreamed of wearing before. Cropped tops and pencil skirts.

another pic

8 Weeks

Hello ladies! How are you all? Ive been great. Loving this new body. I'm still just wearing my squeem which I love. I'm debating if I should go down to a size small. I have a med now that I wear on the closest latch. I started sitting this week. I drive sitting on my boppy.

more pics

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