Gynecomastia Testimonial - White Plains, NY

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Hello I am a patient and also a Fashion and Print...

Hello I am a patient and also a Fashion and Print male Model of Dr. Mordcai Blau and just had plastic surgery for gynecomastia.

I had got gynecomastia surgery because of the use of anabolic steroid use. I was very embarrassed to take of my shirt in public and thought I had to get the problem fixed to up my self-esteem. I would have pains in the nipple area because I could feel and see the fat behind the area my pecks just were not looking good.

My surgery went great and I could not be happier then I am. If I work with a surgeon in the future I know that I’ve found the doctor that I am going to be working with. Thanks a lot for everything Dr. Blau you really are a life savior and a great surgeon!

New York Plastic Surgeon

Great Surgeon. I had choose Dr. Blau because I had got feed back from people I know all over New York about him being the “Michael Jordan” of gynecomastia and that he was the go to guy. When choosing a surgeon to do this procedure I didn’t not want to just choose a doctor because of a lower price I wanted to choose a doctor that’s going to make me look great and look like I got my money’s worth. I also choose Dr. Blau because his surgeries are 95 % gynecomastia that is his specialty and he has videos of the procedure all over you tube. Also when I goggled his name with gynecomastia his name was all over the Internet with great reviews. He fulfilled my expectations to the fullest and I definitely am more confident about my self and taking my shirt off in public now. As a model I am also booking more jobs now for swimwear and agencies are more interested in me after gynecomastia area as been fixed I would strongly recommend Dr. Blau to anyone that I know.

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