Need BBL to Correct my Body After Silicone Was Removed-considering Some Drs. PLS Help

Not sure who will be best for this job. I had...

Not sure who will be best for this job. I had silicone removal (see former review that has ALLLLLLL the info regarding that) I still have an unfortunately decent amount of that stuff still in me but am going forward in the hopes that it will not affect me down the line. I want a nice body back, I am a bit deformed at this time. Dr Delvecchio has experience with reconstructive BBL, I have seen his work and it's nice. However, I'm concerned bc I asked him to order an MRI first (so that I know how much silicone is there, and where) and he said he is not interested in that, he is simply putting fat over what's there and doesn't believe it will be detrimental to me. I would feel a lot more comfortable if I had the MRI done.
Dr Hughes has been very responsive through email, but is not addressing some of my questions in a way that makes me feel 100% comfortable. I don't want to fly there and then be told that something is not what he thought through pictures, so I offered to send him a video or to Skype, but he declined. I also saw a review on here from a girl whose post op garment seemed to be causing more harm than compression...I asked him if there is an alternate garment and he said no, that one is the only one I can use. I don't want to have the surgery and be non-compliant with aftercare. I am also not sure if he gives the overall shape I'm lookig for, with nice wide hips. I don't want much projection anymore, just a little more. I'm over the "donk" thing after all this! I also wanted a rhino while I do this bc I have aways hated my nose, the tip is long and points downward. Dr Hughes does nice rhino. Any opinions would be helpful. Suggestions for other doctors to look at?
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