Waiting Til After Baby # 2 for Bbl

Hi bbl sisters hope you all are well..so i have...

hi bbl sisters hope you all are well..so i have been on my bbl journey for some time now watching extreme make over and thinking hmm sounds interesting..i always had an ok body but trying to conceive for years i never worked out thinking it would jeapordize pregnancies..(ik crazy right lack of knowledge) or kept up with my body gained 40 lbs before baby and was like ughh ...God finally blessed me with my son 2012 and now i having another baby in about six weeks...so this is not a full review i dont want to seem selfish but i wanted this surgery even before i got pregnant with my son...a little back story im 27 and tried 4 years to get pregnant..so when i finally gave up trying and decide to work on my body voila here comes baby #1 then 3 months after my son got pregnant with baby # 2 was close and quick but after wanting kids for soo long i feel they are blessing and im happy...so now doing my research for bbl risk, pro, cons and doctors...so please dont judge me...for thinking about this while im still preggo hoping to do research and read reviews then get this surgery...so keep posting reviews ladies thank you they have helped me so much with this research and my decisions...

Have a consult with dr schulman on the 9th

so after my last baby i have been very busy..i finally have a consult with dr schulman on the 9th of july and im excited cant wait to hear what he has to say and to begin my journey
not sure yet

im liking dr doctors and miami doctors but lately reading alot of dr schulman reviews and really liking his results hope to continue to see more and lining dr ghurani but wanting to stay close to home...brooklyn ny because my kids are and will be still soo small

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