My Lap Band, VSG and DS Journey - New York

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The beginning of my journey was in 2007 and I...

The beginning of my journey was in 2007 and I started at 398lb. Last week I weighed in at 219.2lb and this morning I weighed in at 215.2lb. So I am down over 180lb since I started.

I originally had lap band in April 2007 and it did help me. I was productive on it, I did follow all the rules -- eat small portions, protein first, blah blah blah -- but it stopped working. I managed to lose at the most 130lb and that was great but it came back (not all of it. I think I'm down 90).

My revision surgery was scheduled for May 11, 2010. I was getting a duodenal switch. They knocked me out, opened me up, found massive mess and could not complete my surgery. I wound up with just a vertical sleeve gastrectomy and I could go back for the second half of the duodenal switch in six months.

I had surgery on May 3, 2011. They kept me in the hospital from Tuesday to Friday. Everything went okay and I had no complications.

The duodenal switch is not done by many doctors at all. Biggest reason for that is that it takes a very long time to learn, you have to be mentored and it is not a lucrative operation because it takes so long to do that you could probably only get two done a day. But if you do other surgeries like gastric bypass where you're only under the knife for like an hour, or the lap band where mine was I think 45 minutes, or the VSG which is like an hour, you can bang out eight of those a day! But the duodenal switch you're talking 4-5 hours under the knife. So not many doctors do it.

I don't have a goal weight yet because I have never been this small in my life and I don't know what 150lb is going to look like on me. So I am just going to keep on going until I realistically look happy with myself in clothes.

New York Bariatric Surgeon

My surgeon tried to shock me with the truth and he was right to do that. You really need to go into the DS fully armed with reasons why you can handle the bad with the good.

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