30 YO. Two Children. Looking Forward to Having Boobs. Any Advice on After Care/ Pre Preparations Would Be Very Grateful. Xx

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I am a saggy 32c, Both pregnancies my boobs got...

I am a saggy 32c, Both pregnancies my boobs got huge and then lost them after i finished feeding. I'm a size 10 and about 5'7inch in height. I have my Pre Op on Tuesday 27th Sep in the Nuffield Hospital Glasgow. My PS is Called Ben Chew, the first person i really felt would look after me and he was lovely, he also has great reviews. Now i am so close i am getting very nervous, Is this normal? I have never had to be in surgery before so it's scary. On the other hand i have wanted this for 10years but its never been correct timing...life...money...kids. I have a 11yo and a nearly 3yo. My husband and mother-in-law will both be around to help with kids and me between them. Any Hints and Tips on anything at all would be good, i want to feel prepared. Thank You For Reading Xx

So pre-op done, and boobs paid for.

I'm scared, what if I'm going to big.. what if I hate them... what if my husband hates them... what if they are ugly! Is it possible to hate my boobs more than I do now? The more posts I look at the more I think 430cc is big for me. But my ps said this is what I really need to fill the skin. When we last spoke I felt he knew what he was talking about, but I haven't seen him in a long time so now doubting that I should go so big! Is it normal to feel all these things before surgery? I'm also so scared of not waking up or not handing the pain after. This is not the most positive post hehehe. Thanks for reading. Xx

2 more sleeps ????

So feeling more positive today. Still scared of not waking up though. I can't wait to see my ps again, he was so lovely when I had my consolation and made me feel so relaxed. So I know I will feel the same on Friday. It's funny all the different feelings you get before doing something like this.
Thanks for reading. Hope your all well. Xx


So happy I woke up. My surgeon is just lovely. So I had 430cc high profile. Pain has been very bearable so far. I'm keeping up with meds. Such a weird feeling getting put under, I was a little emotional when I woke but only through a complete overwhelming feeling. And couldn't wait to see my husband after recovery. Still in hospital the now but will get out hopefully by 11.30 at latest. I live a few hours away from home, so very excited about seeing my children. Hope the pain stays like this and doesn't increase, my pain hasn't gone higher than a 4 out of 10. But I understand by reading others that the 2-3 days are worst. I am so happy that my boobs don't feel to big, I haven't looked to much as I no they will take time to settle, so I don't want to judge on them the now. Thank you for reading. I'll hopefully get some pics up in the next few days. Xx
Ben Chew

My consultation went so well, i felt really comfortable and at ease. Im looking forward to seeing the results.

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