Please Do Not Take This Risk! If I Had Known the Damage This Could Do, I Would Never Have Even Considered It! - Nova Scotia, NS

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I did not go to Ultherapy to have work done on my...

I did not go to Ultherapy to have work done on my face. I was 48 years old. I had a very youthful face. I received compliments on my skin all the time and most people assumed I was in my 30's. But I started to develop a turkey neck, which did not fit with my face, and I thought it made me look older. I am working toward a career change, after 20 years in the same profession, so I was concerned that I might not be hired because of my age.

So, I started looking around for 'non-invasive' procedures to help with my neck. I am the type of person who would never consider an invasive procedure, no matter how old I looked. I heard about Ultherapy, and did many, many online searches. I saw it on the television program 'Marilyn', and I even spoke to a receptionist at my doctor's office who had it done. I heard nothing but positive feedback. I decided to move forward and have Ultherapy done on my neck at a cost of $500.

During my initial consultation with the doctor, she told me that my face was "like a girdle" and in order to have good results for my neck, I should get my face done. She told me that I had “lots to work with” and that some people wait until they are much older and don’t have very much collagen, so it was a good time for me to be doing this.

I was willing to gamble the money in the hopes that this might work. Everything else I had read said that you needed to have surgery done to improve a turkey neck and I would never do that. So, I was so happy that I found this alternative. I thought, if it doesn't help, at least I tried and I know. I was NEVER told about the devastating consequences this could have to me physically and mentally. I was told that there may be some numbness and possible bruising, but it would be temporary. That was the extent of the information I was given before the procedure. Well, it has been almost a year, but the damage is not going away.

I did have numbness and bruising. And it was temporary. One month, in fact. But the same day that the numbness went away I looked in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. I called the doctor in shock! My skin was just hanging on my face!!! I had jowls and marionette lines where I never had them before. I had a beautiful, full face with lovely skin. And it has morphed into the face of an old woman in the span of less than a year. Not only do I have skin hanging where my cheeks used to be and a downturned mouth which makes me look angry all the time, but I have very pronounced orbital bones under my eyes and dark, dark circles. I never wore cover up before, but now I have to use tons of it, just to make the area under my eyes look a little better. I can't find anything that works to mask it completely.

My face has been totally ruined by Ultherapy. I don't know how anyone is allowed to use this on unsuspecting people without a warning of the possible dangers. If I allowed myself, I could sink into an extremely deep depression over this. I have to fight it everyday. Really! I feel stupid. I feel victimized. And I feel that this is a total injustice. I also feel helpless to do much about it.

These people are frauds and something has to be done to protect unsuspecting people like me. HOW can this be FDA approved??? That assurance no longer means anything to me!!! It wasn't until the fat melted off my face and I googled 'fat loss' and 'ultherapy' together that I saw any negative reviews of it. That is how I found RealSelf.

Please, please, please, do not do this to yourself.
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She NEVER told me that I could be damaged by this procedure, or that there were possible serious consequences. I wouldn't have done it.

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