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I'm currently booked in for a consultation for...

I'm currently booked in for a consultation for Dermaroller treatment next week.
I've got moderate acne scarring that basically makes my face look like an old leather purse.
This is purely from messing about with my spots when I was younger.
I still get the odd outbreak but nothing major and I thought I was time to do something about it.
I'll keep people updated on the process and I'd like it if people could reassure me of this procedure as I always think the worse when I'm apprehensive about something.


Does anybody use or have used human growth factor serums? If so, which ones were used that worked?


Had my consultation today with a senior practitioner with 20 years experience in aesthetic surgery.
She said that they are fazing out Dermaroller and my best option would be to have dermapen treatment x3.
3 treatments will cost around £900.
It may sound a lot, but personally I'd rather pay more and have a professional do it, than go to some back street bodge artist.
She was very confident that the treatment will work with my condition.
She also explained about how cleansing and hydrating my skin was important too.
I purchased some sensitive skin wash and some hydrating matte moisturiser.
I've got to use these for two weeks so any spots that I've got should hopefully clear up before my second consultation next Friday.

Consultation before procedure

I went to my last consultation before my dermapen treatment today.
The nurse explained everything thoroughly and put my mind at ease about the procedure.
She sounded really positive about the the realities of what can be achieved with 3 treatments as apparently my skin isn't as bad as what I think it is!
I'm still a bit apprehensive about it, which I presume is normal, but I am booked in for the 21st of October for my first course.
There was an offer on as well which reduced the total price from £910 to £780 which I think is pretty good.
Roll on the 21st I say..
sk:n Mapperley Park Clinic Nottingham, G.B.

Pre procedure, so far the service has been excellent.

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