Nothing Beats Laser Hair Removal!!!

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Have had 4 treatments so far and it had completely...

Have had 4 treatments so far and it had completely changed my life, seriously. I used to say that I had a man's beard on my legs (I'm a female) and would shave in the morning, by the evening, my legs would be stubbly enough to cause a pull in my stockings and were so scratchy when I rubbed them together. Just gross. I couldn't wear skirts 2 days in a row, and there was no way my boyfriend would be allowed to touch my legs the day after I shaved.

Hence, I decided to have laser hair removal. I have pale skin and thick dark hair. the requirements for getting it. So far I had had 4 treatments and it was worth every penny. It has been the best decision I've ever made. My self-confidence has improved, I can wear skirts, etc. without feeling self-conscious.

Also, I have to point out that anyone with the same problem will notice that even when they shave, those little black pores are really obvious, well, after these treatments, they have all but disappeared! It now looks like I've always had hairless legs! I can shave once a week now. I am planning on getting a couple of more treatments to kill any "active" hairs, but am gladly willing to dish out the money. I also had my bikini done as I was very hairy "down there", and it's now hairless too!

I just cannot explain how amazing laser is. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with pale hair, it's not meant for that, yet. I wish everyone knew about this. Oh, and I admit, it's slightly painful, not alot, but it's not the most pleasant feeling in the world, though it is very temporary. Once you walk out of there, you don't feel a thing at all (painwise I mean)!

Dermelite Technologies in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dermelite Technologies in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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