Not Worth It at All; Whitening Effect Diminished After Only One Week

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I had my teeth whitened about 7 weeks ago. The...

I had my teeth whitened about 7 weeks ago. The treatment consisted of four, 10-minute sessions. My caregiver was very gentle and took lots of care to protect my gums with some clear gooey protectant. I did not have the gum pain that others experienced.

After the third session, the tooth "zapping" pain was pretty unbearable. The only way to describe it is to imagine how cold ice would feel being placed INSIDE your teeth. on the nerve. I think I am pretty tolerant to pain but this was not comfortable at all. These little "zapping" pains continued for about 18-20 hours and Ibuprofen did not help.

My teeth were very white the first 3 days or so. Then, they began to revert back being a bit yellowish. I do not smoke nor drink cola or red wine. I have one cup of coffee a day (with cream). I brush religiously and cannot conceive a reason why this may have happened. I can only say that I would not have it done again.

If I decide to have another whitening treatment, I would try one of the drugstore whitening strips or trays. I would not undergo Brite Smile again and do not believe it was worth the money and discomfort.

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My doctor did say there would be some sensitivity or discomfort. Dental Hygeniest took great care to protect gums (clear protectant) and lips (sunscreen).

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