My face looks like a mild sunburn. - Not Sure Yet - Orlando, FL

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I had the treatment performed yesterday. These...

I had the treatment performed yesterday. These reviews are very subjective because the individuals who stated that they hated the results doesn't tell us what energy level, treatment density, and number of passes. Maybe they don't know!!! Ladies, if you are considering this please do the homework. Great website to use. There are some really good Clinical Publications to read. One in particular is the Skin Therapy Letter. On page 4 there is a table that has current recommended treatment settings based on indication for the fractional laser device. When I asked the doctor how many individuals was knowledgable on this procedure before getting it done, he told me about 20%. I was amazed. If you are going to spend $1000 wouldn't you want to do the research first then ask the physicians questions. But anyway. The procedure went well. The physician applied the lidocaine (20%) ointment and then I waited for 1 hour. The setting he used on me were 8mJ, 2000 treatment density, 8 passes. My skin is melasma. I do not have any scars. During the procedure around the forehead, where the hair meets, was painful. Especially after the 4th pass. Once the procedure was finished I was still using the cool air; it felt good. When I looked in the mirror I had minor swelling and was slightly red. It hurt for a few hours but today, I'm fine. My face looks like a mild sunburn. I'll post in about a month and let everybody know my experience. I hope this helps.
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