Not the Results Promised with Perlane

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I had perlane injected into the slighly sunken...

I had perlane injected into the slighly sunken areas under my eyes.  Due to a deeper bone crevice under one eye the nurse told me I required more Perlane on one side than the other.

It is now one month later and I now have noticable bags under my eyes from the product and very noticable black rings just above, I had neither of these prior to the injections on a slightly sunken appearance.  Now when I smile there are hollows from under my eyes to my cheeks and a dark appearance from the corners of my eyes to the rings of my eyes.  There also appears to be a raised vein near the side of my nose where the needle went in.

Would anybody know if this is normal and if not how long before the vein goes down and the darkness disappears along with the ringed hollows above my cheeks.

I am pleased with myself that I did not succumb to the pressure to use sculpt as recommended.

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