Researched for Years, Time to Interview Some Surgeons - Norwich, GB

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As with many of you here, I have wanted...

As with many of you here, I have wanted Rhinoplasty since I was young.

Until I was 14 I had a relatively straight nose. It wasn't ski-slope perfection, but it didn't have a profile bump or a dent in one side. Then I got hit in the face with a tennis racket which had been thrown and bounced off the floor and up into my face. It made a dent in the bridge and as my face grew the dent formed into a bump.

I never thought I would be able to do anything about it except refuse to have side profile photos taken, which itself is unavoidable at times. Nose jobs seemed to be something only the rich and famous could afford, so I tried to embrace my nose and feel good about all the other positive things about me while building a career for myself. Embracing or ignoring it hasn't worked. Especially now, when everyone takes photos to an obsessive level. There is no escaping it.

So I have done my research, planned it out financially and now I am finally at a stage in my life when I can afford to book consultations, find my surgeon and book a date!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you :)
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