Vaginal Rejuvenation after two vaginal deliveries. 29 years old.

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I'm having vaginoplasty, perineoplasty and...

I'm having vaginoplasty, perineoplasty and labiaplasty (reducing one minora to match the other).

I've had two vaginal deliveries that left my vaginal canal stretched. I've done kegel exercises every day since delivery, but it doesn't do anything to tighten me up. I do have full bladder control, so maybe it has been good for something... I don't know:)
I don't feel as much during sex, and my vaginal opening is gaping. My labia majoras are also a bit saggy, and my right minora has actually grown during pregnancy. My surgeon says that the perineoplasty will fix the saggy majoras as they get "tucked" backwards(?)
I don't know if I'm brave enough to post pictures yet. It's just something about having your private parts out on the internet that really scares me;)
I am considering it as I know how helpful it can be to others. Im so thankful for this site and all the courageous people here.

Thanks for reading!

Post op day 1

Time for a little update:
It's been about 5 hours since we got back to our hotel after the procedure. It all went well except a little extra bleeding afterwards that was a bit scary. My Dr. tried to get a tampon/gas up there for compression, but it was extremely painful and I begged him to stop. I was given pills instead, and this helped stop the bleeding.

When I woke up after surgery I was in so much pain... A sensation of pressure and stinging in the whole area, much worse than I can remember after giving birth. I haven't been able to sleep more than 1 hour because of this, and beginning to feel very tired. I'm also having trouble peeing. I feel that my bladder is full, but can't squeeze out a single drop. I had this problem after giving birth as well, and had to get help by a non permanent catheter multiple times the first 24 hours.

The pain is really the worst and I don't feel any relief from the pain killers. I think the worst pain comes from a hemorrhoid I got during the procedure. Don't know why that happens?
I took a quick look down there and everything looks neat and tidy, just as I had hoped for. He used the wedge method for the labiaplasty, witch I'm very happy about. He actually ended up doing both sides, and I'm just hoping he didn't take to much off. Hard to see at this point.
My majoras ended up nice I think, I'm going to look in a standing position tomorrow to see if they actually look less saggy.

Post op day 1 - evening

The pain is getting worse and worse. Can't even explain how much it hurts, especially around the perineal area and rectum. I still haven't been able to pee, so my nurse from the clinic is kind enough to come to our hotel to help me with the catheter. I got some new pain killers to try out and got started on prophylactic antibiotics. I can't move around without getting dizzy and nauseous, and the stitches hurts really bad to, so I'm basically just lying in bed trying to sleep and eat. Not fun at all. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Post op day 4

Hello everybody! Yesterday I had to get a permanent catheter as I still wasn't able to pee by my self. My gynecologist did an ultrasound examination of my bladder, and it was very stretched out and needs to be relieved by the catheter, so it can contract to its normal size.
The catheter is irritating my stitches, and this leads to extra bleeding and pain. Hopefully it won't ruin the end result.

Picture time

I did not take any pre op photos (I chickened out), but wanted to show you my situation now 6 days after surgery. I'm really swollen and the catheter is rubbing and irritating the stitches, so it looks awful. I'm terrified of getting an infection or that my stitches will tear. Does this look normal?
I'm icing the area several times a day, and started sitz baths today. Both the cold ice packs and the warm water gives me some relief from the pain.

One week since surgery

Still really swollen and it's still painful. One suture has ripped and that area looks irritated. I'm scared of getting an infection so I'm monitoring it close and rinsing it with sterile saline solution after using the toilet. I removed my catheter yesterday and was able to pee a couple of hours later. I really have to relax to get it out and it takes a while, but I'm positive that this will get better after the swelling goes more down.

Looking better

I had trouble sleeping tonight because of the pain, so I was up one time to look if there were any signs of infection, and took a photo this morning to have a closer look at what was going on, but it actually looked better than yesterday. It looks less irritated and red, but I'm still pretty swollen. It's really hard to pee, and I had to stand in the shower with warm water to get it out this morning.

2 week update

It's been about 2 weeks since surgery now, and I thought I would give you an update. I think everything is healing well and getting better every day. I'm still pretty swollen, especially around the entrance of the vagina and the lower part of my labia majora. The whole area is sore and I can not sit normal on a chair without pain just yet (I can not believe that some of you go back to work after just a few days. I would die if I had to). I'm still taking painkillers every 6 hours, but hoping to reduce the amount soon. My main concern is the labiaplasty. I know it's early in the process and that you really can't see the end result until 3 months post op, but I can't see how my missing minoras will just pop back again. My gyno/surgeon was supposed to just take a little bit of my right side to match the left. I did not have much extra skin from the beginning and was really surprised when he said that he had done both sides to make it symmetrical. I really regret not taking any pre op photos because it would be nice to compare it to how it is now. It's hard to remember exactly how it was. I would appreciate your opinions. Thank you for reading:)


I borrowed this picture to give you an idea of my before situation. The side i didn't want to change was smaller than on the photo, but otherwise I think this is very similar.


How it looks at the moment. Was too much labia removed?

My procedures

I thought I would just specify what I had done, as I think many are unfamiliar with all the terms that are used.

I had tightening of my inner vaginal walls to make the canal smaller. The incision was placed at the back wall (posterior). I also had my vaginal opening tightened as it was gaping and you could see straight in there. Air would go in during yoga and sex, and make it sound like I was farting (not fun). The perineoplasty/tightening of the opening is what has been the most drastic change when it comes to the appearance, because all the stretched skin was removed and everything looks "closed" and "tidy" again. I really think it looks very similar to my pre childbirth state. Happy about that!
I also had labiaplasty with the wedge method on both sides. I'm not sure that going forward with this procedure was a good idea, because I think to much was removed and I'm very afraid that it's going to make me very dry down there. My inner labia has never really bothered me either. I was unsure about doing it, but decided to just have it done because I was having surgery anyways. I was never really concerned about it going wrong because he was just removing a little bit on one side to match the other side. If I had known that he would do both sides I don't think I would have done it, but I'm giving it a good 3 months of healing before I decide what I think.
All of this took a little less than two hours. I was sedated/ in deep sleep during.

4,5 week update

Still pain when sitting or walking for too long. Waiting for sutures to dissolve, as they are so uncomfortable. Especially in the perineal area. I'm not sure if I'm able to try sex at the 6 week mark, but I hope so. Both scared and exited to find out if this surgery was successful.

5 weeks post op

Still sore and in pain when sitting, standing and walking for too long. The sutures in the perineal area came out a couple of days ago, and that was a relief because they felt very tight. I can still feel them under my skin and the area is very sensitive. Waiting for the labiaplasty sutures to dissolve as well, but they seem to take a while. Can't wait to check out how it feels on the inside. I'm so scared it's the same as before, or just a slight improvement.

6 weeks post op

Definitely much tighter. From 3 fingers to 1, but I think it's a little swollen still. Such a nice feeling to have it all back in to place. We tried to have sex but had to "abort mission" because it's still sore around the vaginal opening and we didn't want to push it. No problem reaching orgasm, and it's much more intense now that I can feel my muscles down there again.

Almost 3 months post op

So the last couple of weeks everything has gotten so much better. Sex is not painful anymore, it just gets sore after if we're not careful, but it gets better every time.
I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I did this, even though recovery has been hell... I now feel confident again, and able to enjoy sex with my husband. He is also really happy with the results, even though he never complained before. I'm so relieved that everything has healed nicely, and I truly feel like my old self, before having kids. Definitely worth it!
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