12 Days Post-op, Hump on the Letft Side of the Nose, is This Swelling or Bone? - Norway, NO

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Surgery went well.. I had an closed surgery, where...

Surgery went well.. I had an closed surgery, where I have remowed humps on the sides of the nose bridge, but on the left side there is a hump, simular to the old hump, but it is only a little bit smaller, but the hump is still there.. That was the only purpose of the surgery, and now I feel like I have throwed money out my window.. I dont want to have another surgery, because it takes so much time to heal.. The nose will be a two year project If I need another surgery to fix it..

My surgery did not show me the nose after cast removal, but I remember he squeesed a little bit on that area, before he taped the nose.. So I was not able to ask him about the hump when I was there, and he did not mention it to me either.. He just told me to tape the nose at night.. I saw the hump when I got home after cast removal, and it took all my happiness away.. It is the same hump but smaller.. I hope it is only swelling, but I think it is bone... On the right side everything is ok, but on the left side there is a lot of preassure and very tender.. I litterally feel the bump on nose without touching it..but it is a lot of preassure where the hump is, the other side is a bit tender but no preassure.. I Am very unhappy with the surgery at this point :(

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