Getting my Rhinoplasty This Summer! - Norway, NO

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I am a 18 year old girl who is not happy with the...

I am a 18 year old girl who is not happy with the way my nose looks. People have always commented on my nose, and that's maybe because I've always joked along about it. But they don't know that their comments acctually hurt me. Anyways, I've thought about getting a nose job for many years, and I'm so ready to finally get it! I've told my closest friends, and they are all very supporting, and telling me that I don't need to get a nose job.

One of my friends got a nose job in January, so she understands me the most. She tells me that I should do it, because I will feel so much better afterwards. My parents also support me, especcially my mom. So it's good to know that the people closest to me supports me that much.
My only problem is that I am scared of the surgery, I've never dealt good with pain. I faint when I take a blood test, and I even fainted when I got my ears pierced last year (four holes at the same time, though..).

So I would love it if someone could tell me about their experiences, and encourage me to go through with the surgery that I want so badly!

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