Petite 103 lbs (47 kg) 5,1"(156 cm). Breastfed 2 babies. 295/330cc. Mentor anatomical ("gummy bears") silicone implants - Norway

Finally getting my deflated boobs filled up after...

Finally getting my deflated boobs filled up after breastfeeding two babies. Had my consultation today, and my surgery is in 3 weeks.
I dont want big breasts, but hoping to be a full C (I´m currently a 34 A/ small B).
We decided on 300 cc right side /325-350 cc left side. My surgeon told me that he might have to place them subglandular if there is to much loose breast tissue, to avoid "double boob".
I´m not 100% comfortable with that idea, because I feel that I don´t have enough fat on my chest, and I´m scared of the implants beeing visible through the skin, or beeing able to feel the implants.

Please feel free to give me your opinion or advice.


Implant sizers

300 cc implant sizers at the doctors office

Front view

Right breast is bigger and droopy. Nipple is oval shaped and lower placed than on the left side. I'm hoping for a more symmetrical result.

Wish pics

Dream boobs/bodies

Rice sizers at home

300 g of rice in pantyhose. Looks huge and feels heavy. What do you think?

Dream boobs

Perfect size and shape. Would be sooo happy if this was me.

Implant size and type

Mentor CPG 322 - Anatomical/Teardrop
Medium height
Moderat plus projection
Cohesive III (MemoryGel)
Right: 295 cc / Left: 330 cc

Telling family and friends?

I told my mother a few months back that I was thinking about getting a breast augmentation (or really a restoration, because I felt breastfeeding ruined my poor boobies). She was not happy, and told me how stupid I was and that it was "all in my head". I should learn to love my body and bla bla bla...
I told her that it made me sad that she wouldn't support me, even if she thought I was wrong, but she wouldn't listen.
I have my husbands full support, and I've told a couple of friends who are really supportive. I know I probably shouldn't care, but my mothers opinion really means a lot, and I hate that I'm lying to her..sort not telling her that I'm actually doing it. Surgery is 5 days before Christmas and if she finds out then, I know she will be so angry/hurt and say that I ruined Christmas for everyone. It sounds absurd writing this, but that's how my mother is..
if I tell her before I do it, I'm scared she will try to talk me out of it by saying how selfish I am, and that I should think about my kids and so on (which are thoughts I'm already battling, but it will have even more impact coming from her).

How did your family and friends react to your decision?
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