103 lbs (47 kg) 5,1"(156 cm). Breastfed 2 babies. 295/330cc Mentor CPG 322 Mod+ anatomical textured. Subpectoral placement.

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Finally getting my deflated boobs filled up after...

Finally getting my deflated boobs filled up after breastfeeding two babies. Had my consultation today, and my surgery is in 3 weeks.
I dont want big breasts, but hoping to be a full C (I´m currently a 34 A/ small B).
We decided on 300 cc right side /325-350 cc left side. My surgeon told me that he might have to place them subglandular if there is to much loose breast tissue, to avoid "double boob".
I´m not 100% comfortable with that idea, because I feel that I don´t have enough fat on my chest, and I´m scared of the implants beeing visible through the skin, or beeing able to feel the implants.

Please feel free to give me your opinion or advice.


Implant sizers

300 cc implant sizers at the doctors office

Front view

Right breast is bigger and droopy. Nipple is oval shaped and lower placed than on the left side. I'm hoping for a more symmetrical result.

Wish pics

Dream boobs/bodies

Rice sizers at home

300 g of rice in pantyhose. Looks huge and feels heavy. What do you think?

Dream boobs

Perfect size and shape. Would be sooo happy if this was me.

Implant size and type

Mentor CPG 322 - Anatomical/Teardrop
Medium height
Moderat plus projection
Cohesive III (MemoryGel)
Right: 295 cc / Left: 330 cc

Telling family and friends?

I told my mother a few months back that I was thinking about getting a breast augmentation (or really a restoration, because I felt breastfeeding ruined my poor boobies). She was not happy, and told me how stupid I was and that it was "all in my head". I should learn to love my body and bla bla bla...
I told her that it made me sad that she wouldn't support me, even if she thought I was wrong, but she wouldn't listen.
I have my husbands full support, and I've told a couple of friends who are really supportive. I know I probably shouldn't care, but my mothers opinion really means a lot, and I hate that I'm lying to her..sort of...by not telling her that I'm actually doing it. Surgery is 5 days before Christmas and if she finds out then, I know she will be so angry/hurt and say that I ruined Christmas for everyone. It sounds absurd writing this, but that's how my mother is..
if I tell her before I do it, I'm scared she will try to talk me out of it by saying how selfish I am, and that I should think about my kids and so on (which are thoughts I'm already battling, but it will have even more impact coming from her).

How did your family and friends react to your decision?

Finally on the other side

Surgery went well. I ended up getting 295 cc and 330 cc subpectoral. SO happy about that. It hurt like hell when I waked up after, apparently I have a very high tolerance for pain medication. The torture strap was digging in to my armpits, and my back was so sore. I felt like I couldn't breathe, and cried desperately... such a drama queen. Now we're back at the hotel and I'm going to try to eat something. Got so nauseous when I tried at the clinic. Hopefully I can hold it down and then get som sleep.

Surgical bra and strap

They look really pointy in this bra and with the strap, but you kind of get an idea of the size, which I think looks good. Not too big. The right still seems a bit bigger than the left, but it's hard to really tell without taking the bra off.

Sneak peek

Ok, so my curiosity won.. had to have a tiny little sneak peek. Not much to see, but I like how my nipples look. They were like shrunken raisins before..lol

Implant card


Sooo, I had to look! And it wasn't as scary as I thought....haha. I think they look huuuge without the bra, but I'm so exited to finally have boobs again! Yay!!! Because of the lighting they look a bit uneven in the photos, but hubby says they are very symmetrical already:) oh, and I'm so bloated... feeling like a balloon with two balloons on top.

Huge difference

First shower

Today I could remove the bandages and have a shower for the first time! The last couple of days I've had a crazy itch, so it was really nice to finally feel clean again. I have quite a bit of bruising between my boobs, but it doesn't hurt. The pain is mainly under my arms and on my ribs. Pain is manageable with pain medication. Yesterday I tried going the whole day without tramadol, but in the afternoon it was hurting like hell, so I had to have one. I've also taken one this morning, just because I know I have lots to do and don't have time to be in pain...lol. Kind of nervous about tonight, and if my mother will notice. They are really swollen, so I think I will have a hard time concealing them. Especially with the band. We'll see... wish me luck! Merry Christmas to everyone:)

1 week post op

So yesterday I felt a little less pain, so I tried going to bed without any pain meds. I woke up stiff as a tree, but the pain was actually manageable. So now I've been without the tramadol for over 24h and have only taken half a dose of paracetamol today before showering. I feel much better, but am still tired and sore. Boobs look good from the front, but have a really weird shape from the sides. I'm just hoping they'll drop more, so I don't end up with a double bubble, which my surgeon warned me could happen if we placed the implants under the muscle. I'm using my bra and strap religiously, so it's not going to be on me. Hope you're all enjoying the holidays. Xx

Almost 3 weeks

I was planning a 2 week update earlier this week, but have been sick with a stomach virus, and on top of that got my period, so haven't had the energy to do much at all. Boobs are extremely tender and sore. Showering feels like getting a thousand needles pierced through them. I'm also getting so tired of wearing this compression bra and strap.. I think they have softened a bit, but they don't move or jiggle yet. Because of the bra and strap they are always squeezed in and down in a weird square shape. I think they will change more when I can start wearing bralettes etc. I'm really looking forward to getting more fullness in the lower pole, and them softening up. Excuse my bloated belly in these photos. I've been like a ballon since I had the surgery.

Bra shopping and video uploading?

Went bra shopping today! Only 3 days until I can start wearing wire free bras. I didn't get measured or anything. I want them to drop and settle more before I buy more quality underwear. I just needed something not too expensive while I wait. Ended up buying 34C. They didn't have 32D, so I didn't get to try it on. 34C was a little loose, so I suspect it's not the right size, but good enough for now. They were comfortable, and that is the most important thing after wearing this compression bra for all these weeks.
Does anyone know how to upload videos? I can't seem to figure it out.

Almost 4 weeks

Tomorrow it's been 4 weeks since surgery. The last week everything has felt so much better.. I got rid of the strap on Monday, and after that my boobs haven't been as sore and sensitive, and they've gotten much softer and rounder (the strap kept them in a square looking position). My back is no longer aching, and I'm sleeping much better. I'm starting to really love them (my husband does to..lol) and I just feel more like a woman again. I feel complete!


The last week or so I've noticed that my right breast has dropped and changed its shape from round to a more teardrop shape. Really happy about that. "Lefty" is still stuck a bit high up. I'm not sure if I should do something, or just wait patiently for it to follow? I'm not panicking yet, but really hoping they will end up at the same level. Otherwise I couldn't be happier with my new boobs. I feel great, and they are getting softer every day:)

Sports bra

Casall sports bra in 32D. Really good support and fit. No more excuses!

Scar treatment

This is what I've been using on my scars.

6 weeks post op

Boobs are still pretty firm, but not hard like the first couple of weeks. I can push them together, and they bounce when I run up and down the stairs. I also think it looks like my left one has dropped a bit? They look more even in these photos compared to the ones in my previous post. I'm very happy with my results so far:)

Another before picture

Oh my... this was taken a couple of days before surgery. I remember feeling like I had the breasts of an 80 year old lady..
I'm so happy I did this!

9 weeks post op

They're starting to feel more like a part of me. No pain, but sometimes they feel kind of sore. Nipple sensitivity is back to normal, but I have very little sensation in the lower part of both breasts, and they often feel colder than the rest of my body.
I'm very happy with how they look, but there's some details I hope will improve: left boob still sits a bit higher, and I would like them to drop a little to fill out the lower pole more.
All in all I'm very happy with them:) Got sized to a 32D, and I feel the size fits my body very well.
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