21 Years Old, 310cc silicone under muscle. I'm 5.6 and 114lb - Norway, NO

So I had my first appointment yesterday, January 8...

So I had my first appointment yesterday, January 8 , and it went very well. My surgeon said under the muscle would be the best because I'm skinny. I'm 5 ft, 6inch and 114lb, or as we say in Norway 52kg and 170cm. He said I should go between 280cc and 310cc. I'm not sure what to choose, I'm a current 75B, I was a C before. He also liked anatomical implants the best, but I think i would like round implants, I'm still not sure?
He said 280cc with anatomical implants and 310cc with round implants. I would like a natural result, but I still like them to be round.

I put up some pictures without clothes when I decide the date for surgery and what implants I want. In the meanwhile I post some before pictures and wish boobies.

Berøre photos

Here is some before pictures of me now.
I would like a D, What size do you think will fit me?
I'm skinny, but I still got some ass, haha lol.

Surgery on March 23

I went to my doctor today and we decided to do the BA on March 23. A good time before the summer kicks in.

I'm doing under the muscle, moderate profile, 310cc's.
310 was maximum for me. Only two months left, can't wait!!

I'm getting two weeks off work. I work in a bakery, so I run around and lift a lot. Do you think 2 weeks is enough?

Boobie idol

This is my "favorite" boobie girl. She's a Norwegian blogger with 300cc's over the muscle!

I'm doing 310cc's under the muscle. We had kind of the same before boobs, a B-cup. I hope I end up with the same size as her, I think that would look perfect on my body.

What do you think? :)

Question about going to the toilet after BA

I'm so nervous for the going to the toilet part the first days after the BA. My friend had her mom shower her after she had been on toilet when she had her BA because she couldn't wipe herself, haha..
She took under the muscle and couldn't move her arms for about two days.
I don't want my boyfriend to wipe my ass!! Haha..

How was going to the toilet for you guys??

Size and cc's

So, my doctor says I can't fit more than 310cc, which is totally okay.
But looking at some girls here with 400cc or more and they don't look that big, or looking at girls with 300cc that looks big. Haha, cc's is sooo different from person to person.

Here is some pictures from another Norwegian blogger and she has 325cc and they look waaaaay to big!! Not pretty at all (in my opinion).. I know before size, weight and height has a lot to say, I just find it funny or strange how different cc's can look. I just hope 310 will look good and full on me, and not way to big!

Rice sizers (the rice test)

I just tried on rice sizers. 310cc. I had a small sportsbra on so it was a little difficult to have the rice fit, haha.

I think the size looks good compared to my skinny waist/stomach and it's flattering to my ass. Now the boobs and the ass fit each other.

What do you think?

Btw, I am from Norway so I'm sorry if my grammar is not on point :)

More before pictures

I'm now a B-cup, doing 310cc under the muscle and I hope I end up with a little D.

As you can see I have some small stretch marks, so I just bought some bio-oil and I will start using it today.

When I look in the mirror my breast look the same size, also when i hold them in my hands they feel the same size, but in these pictures when I take the photo from under the boobs it looks like my left is a little "shorter". I said it to my doctor but he said he will take some skin under the breast so they will look the same :) he is the best in Norway, so I trust him!


Goodnight from Norway, my boyfriend and me.
I'm on my period and I'm sure my boobs are bigger when it's that time of the month!


Hahaha, I just tried this page: http://reshapr.com where you can upload a picture and see your "after" BA result, I know this is not something I can trust on, I just thought it was funny. So, this is me before and after with 310cc!

More before photos

39 days to go!! Can't wait. I think my boobs look bigger and fuller from the top, but when I look at them from the side or in the mirror they look smaller.
I'm a B-cup now and I hope I will end up with a D :)

Wish boobies

Different cc's, but they all look good! It's funny how different cc's can look from girl to girl.

Old picture

I just found this old picture of me 4 years ago, and I loooove have my boobs looked! I was a full C cup, but then I just lost them.. Both of my sisters have C and D cup, but I'm just a B, I'm hoping 310cc will give me the look I had before.

Only 6 days left!!

Hey ladies!
Today it's only six days left to my BA. I bought all my medicine and a neck pillow, I'm feeling ready! I hope these last days will go by fast. I'm going in to surgery 7:00 in the morning, very early, but I'm glad I don't have to wait all day and get hungry and anxious.
Here are som pictures from my last consultation with sizers.
Next time we speak I will have boobs, yey. Wish me luck! :)

Surgery done!! :D

Hey ladies! I'm home now, feeling pretty okay actually. No pain meds yet. It's just a little bit heavy to breath.
I was able to take a look before they took the bra on, and I loved them. I guess they will swell a little more over night!
I was able to go to the toilet and I did everything myself :) Yey!!

Post op day one

I'm feeling great! I had my first painkiller two hours ago. I slept all night and didn't need any medicin. So happy!

My boobs are pretty hard, swollen and a little difficult to see the size in photos because of the marker. They look bigger in real life I think!

Post op day 3

Not so much to say! Feeling fine, but I hatee the ace bandage. Just 2,5 week left with that.
Took a shower today all alone, so I must say I'm doing fine.

My nipples are suuuuper hard and swollen. Torpedo boobs. Can't wait for them to drop and fluff.

Post op day 5!

Feeling really good! Only some pain in my back.. I can do everything myself, even get up from the sofa and the bed when I'm laying down straight.
Going back to my surgeon again tomorrow. He have many check ups. 2 days, One week, two week, 4 and 6 months meetings. I love that, because I feel safe.
Just had my second shower, feels like heaven.

Post op day 6/One week

Had my second visit with my surgeon today. He and I are very happy with my results. No more pain, only in some positions.
He changed the tape over my scars. I'm going back next week for my two weeks check up.

Tried some bikinis today. Kinda small and if I move I get a nipple slip, haha.

And, I have full feeling in both of my breast, thank God! My nipples are sensitive and can get hard. Dream recovery.


Tried on some of my old bikinis. Unfortunately the boobs are little to big to fit some of them. I can wear them at home or with friends, but you can see the underside of my boobs.

One week since my BA today, and I am actually back to normal. I had a really quick and easy recovery! I have no regrets doing this and I love my results this early on.

Just if someone don't remember I had 310cc, moderate profile and under the muscle.

All the information about the bikinis, where they are from and size is written under the pictures.

New bras

Bought some new bras today. In size 70D. I don't know if thats 32 or 34D in USA?
I got boobs!!

My boyfriend and I also borrowed a Ferrari California from a family friend yesterday. So much fun!!

Had my first drive today, went very well. Love being back in the car.

2 weeks post op!

Hey ladies!
Today it's two weeks since my surgery. I'm feeling really great and I'm sooo glad I did this.

After 8 days I could sleep on my side and it doesn't hurt at all.
My nipples are suuper sensitive and a little swollen. It hurts a bit when I touch them. But I guess that's better than no feeling at all.

It's actually not much to say, I had such an amazing recovery. I think I will update every week from now on. Or, I will update on Thursday when I have visit my doctor and had my first days back at work where I lift a lot.

If you want more updates from me you can send me your snapchat names in my inbox and we can snap everyday. Haha

My first days back at work

I had my first days back at work on Wednesday and Thursday. It went very well! I carry a lot at work but I managed to do everything myself. I also went to my two weeks post op visit with my surgeon yesterday. He removed my stiches, but I forgot to take pictures. He was very pleased with my results, and he wanted me to go one more week with the breast bandage. Just to be safe!

I have no more pain and I'm back to my normal self.

My first workout

I know it's a bit early to work out at the gym, but I only did a few leg and ass exercises.
I walked uphill on the treadmill to warm up.
I did not sweat a lot and only did exercises I felt comfortable with. NO upper body workout.

Three weeks and three days

Hey ladies!

I had my three weeks post op on Tuesday! Everything is fine, I have some small "pain" feelings here and there sometimes but nothing to complain about.
I'm all back to work and school and I'm feeling good :)

My surgeon told me to stop wearing the ace bandage now, yey!! My boobs look better for each day.

I changed the tape over the scars for the first time at home today, and wow, they look amazing after only three weeks!! So happy with my results :D

One month anniversary. Yey

Yesterday was my one month anniversary with my new boobies! Everything is going great. I can now sleep a little bit on my stomach, I've missed it sooo much!

Not so much to say actually. If you have any questions just ask.

A little video 1 month post op

1 month
Starting to soften up, can't wait to see how they will turn out in a month or two!

Almost 6 weeks

Hey girls!
Just wanted to update with some pictures. I loove my new boobies and everything is great :)

Cleaning the closest

I was going through my underwear. Most of these bras are size 34C and they are all a little to small. I had to squish my nipples in and they don't feel so good to wear, haha. I can use them in front of my boyfriend, but if I move or do stuff my boobs will fall out!
But my roommate is happy, because she can wear them, haha.

7 weeks

Today is my 7th week with my new boobies!
I love them more and more for each day. I've been running for the first time with the dog and my boobs feels just like my own and there was no different running before my BA as after. Didn't notice my new boobs and they were not in the way at all. Aaall back to normal.

Posting a pic from day one VS 7 weeks. They look bigger now after they dropped and fluffed. They are also closer together, I've got more cleavage. And my nipples are not so swollen or sensitive anymore.

Two months post op today

It's two months since my surgery today! I'm still super happy (as always).
We just celebrated Norways Constitution Day, 17th of May, our National Day. Had a blast.

I will post a video later to show you have the look in "motion".

Two months post op pictures

Info under the pictures

Two months post op VIDEO

Here you have the video. Enjoy! Haha..
The light stretchmarks you maybe can see is from before my BA! I usually don't see them. But this lightning was awful.
Aand I do not like how my boobs look at this video, wrong light and angle..

VIDEO two months post op

Two months post op
Read info in the post before this.

Creepy private message?

Have any of you got a message from this person?! I feel like it is a creepy guy! The profile has not posted anything at all.. First time I'm experiencing this

Almost three months

Hey beautiful ladies!

I'm so sorry about me not updating that much anymore.
I have been busy with school and work and now I have summervacation.

I'm as usual super happy with my new boobies and I love wearing a bikini. My boobs feels just like my own and I can tan while I lay on my stomach. Love it.

I will answer your questions as fast as I can but I think I only will update once a month.

Pictures for you

Enjoying my Norwegian summer. Everything is great! I hope you all have a nice summer :) ;-*

Pictures for you

Enjoying my Norwegian summer! I hope you all have a great summer where you are ;-*

It's been soooo long!

Hey pretty girls! I'm really sorry for not updating since the summer.. Been so busy with school and I bought an apartment and everything. I'm really happy and still love my boobs. Nothing new on that front. On Christmas Eve, December 24th it's 9 months since my BA. I had it March 24th. Time flies. I hope all of you are having a great time and wishing you all a great christmas :) :)

Did anyone else get this Mail from realself?

Scary! I hope it's nothing!
Dr. Bugge

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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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