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Hello all!! Ok, so I've been stalking this site...

Hello all!! Ok, so I've been stalking this site since August when for the first time I REALLY entertained the idea of actually getting a Mommy Makeover. I'm 35 years old, married for 15 years to THE most amazing man and have three beautiful daughters ages 19,14 and 12. After having my first daughter at 16 my body was destroyed. I'm very tiny, 4'11", 116lbs. Actually the 116lbs for my height is a bit much and I'm working on losing ten pounds prior to my surgery in December. But most notably right now, I'm amazed at how difficult this decision is to one minute, you're totally on board and ready to go! Then the next minute, you're feeling guilty for spending all that money and time recovering and not being able to work or be supermom! Crazy. It's also amazing how different each persons account is of their experience regarding pain, swelling, incision results etc. How the heck do you know how it's going to go for you?? You don't! This feels like such a huge undertaking...but so exciting at the same time. I can't wait to reinflate my deflated breasts and get rid of the lower belly bulge. Seems like a simple decision....yet it's not. Lol I really appreciate all the reviews here and find everyone's unique experiences very helpful. Have my final pre op appt Wednesday. I'll keep you all posted up to the big day...provided I don't chicken out :)) So happy to be part of this site!

All systems GO!!

Well, today I went to my Pre op appt!! The consents are signed and I'm paid in full! I can't believe it's 26 days's unreal. So much to do to get prepared for Christmas since I figure I won't be running around the mall right away. :) I have already bought a few supplies for recovery. The info found here has been very helpful in getting prepared. We have a power recliner in our couch so that should come in handy. Have to order the toilet riser and shower chair....and I think that's that! Hubby took the big day off work then my mom will come to help. My daughters are big and pretty self sufficient so maybe they'll actually take care of ME for a change lol. PS mentioned that I may need a small breast lift which I wasn't thrilled about. I'm a "borderline" lift candidate, it could go either way. But he was so upfront about his concerns of not being able to meet my expectations without doing the lift. He knows exactly what I'm looking for because I showed him lots of pics of breasts that I liked. All very natural looking results. I totally respect him for his honesty and his desire to make everything just right! So we've decided to proceed as planned with Mentor 275cc mod profile dual plane technique, then wait 6-9 months and see how we like it. If I'm not happy, he'll do a minor lift in the office. But he assured me that he'll see me through it until I'm happy with the result. I can't ask for more. Very happy with my choice of surgeon. He's amazing, my price is amazing. I got a bit of professional courtesy there considering we both work for the same hospital. And can you imagine when I showed up today they told me that my previously quoted price went DOWN $406 from my original quote! They renegotiated costs with the hospital and they went down so they passed it along to me even though I'd have never known otherwise! Honest too...amazing! I'll see if I can muster up the guts to post some before pics soon!! Take care everyone...Just got one big step closer to the flat side! :)))

Two weeks from today!!

Can't believe my MM is in only two weeks!! I'm scared, excited and everything in between. Have most of my post op needs taken care of I think!! Having someone come do a major cleaning of my house on Monday, then we'll decorate for Christmas next Friday...and wait another week!! Finally posting my "before" pics...:/

One week!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My big day is one week from today. Unbelievable....I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. House is clean, just have to cook up some meals and we're good to go! I hope everything goes well and that this time next week I'm posting a "thumbs up!" Don't eat too much today girls ;))

Two more days!!!

Holy crap! I can't believe's almost here. Like for real...almost here!! I was fortunate to speak with another nurse that I work with who had a TT along with a hysterectomy four months ago with the same surgeon. She's very happy with him and really helped relieve some of my fears. So that was great to see her tonight. Perfect timing! Just as I was beginning to have thoughts of backing out lol! The nest is lady comes tomorrow, grocery shopping tomorrow, hair done on Wednesday and say hello to the flat side on Thursday!! :)

OMG today is the day!!

It's heart is pounding out of my chest! I'm on my way...

I made it!!

What a day! Been home about an hour now. Feeling ok. Have a pain ball so that's helpful. Breasts quite sore. So far bearable. Just took ibuprofen for the breast discomfort. Hubbie picking up the other meds now. Nausea was really bad for me afterwards. I did vomit bile once...good times lol. Ok gotta sleep! Nite ladies :)


Still feeling pretty good. I'm getting out of the recliner every two hours. Go the bathroom, walks around, check drains and all then back to the couch. Just washed my icky binder so hubby took a pic for me!! Very happy with it so far even though all stretch marks weren't able to be removed. All is good, gets better as each hour passes...just need to drink more water!! I'm not too good with that. Happy healing girls :)

Annoying drains!

Ok so the drains are annoying for sure! The right drain keeps leaking from the insertion site so I'm constantly changing that dressing. Everything else is fine but the drain sites and the pain pump site keep leaking. Oh well, this too shall pass. Getting around quite well. Was a bit too active this morning, so now I'm on the couch watching Christmas movies with my daughter :) the relaxation is nice! The pain is tolerable, just keep up with the meds and rest. I'm so happy I did this. I still can't believe it's me!

Another day past!

POD 3...coming to an end. Very good day so far. Only one Percocet taken, otherwise it was Tylenol and Motrin. Pain pump looks to be almost empty so I guess I'll be removing that tomorrow. PS says I can remove the belly button dressing tomorrow so I'll try and update pics then. Getting around really well, but get exhausted quickly! I don't feel very good after I eat regular food. I find that I'm doing better just having a protein shake or something light like toast or crackers. Oh...I almost forgot to mention, I had my first post op BM today lol. Big news!! No problems there. Thankfully. I did get my period today though, so yuck. My daughter washed my hair for me and I was able to blow it dry myself! That was great. All in all...progressing well. Happy healing girls!!


Ladies...this is totally do-able!! I feel fantastic today. No I haven't had a shower since Thursday morning lol...but I'm one hell of a sponge bather. We've washed my hair in the sink twice and getting cleaned up and changed makes you feel great! Been up and about around the house a lot. Off Percocet totally today. Only had one yesterday. Doing just Tylenol and Motrin..and feeling fine. There's obvious twinges and what not that hurt from time to time but that's all. Pain pump is empty, will be pulling that tonight. Ladies...above all else, do this procedure with the pump if you can! I don't know if it's what has made my recovery so "easy" or not, but if the pain pump eased recovery by only 15%...then it's worth it!! I mean, you definitely need someone capable of caring for you for the first several days! You need help getting around at first and getting settled into position, no doubt. The pain for me can only be described as tightness. Super duper tightness! So I'm going with "moderate discomfort", not pain. Really all of the anesthesia and drugs you get during surgery make you feel crappy for a few days. But once that cleared, I was all good. So far so glad I did this! I won't rate "worth it" until I'm closer to fully healed. Who the hell knows what could happen between now and then! But I pray that all continues to go well and I hope that everyone can be blessed with the experience I've had so far! And just a quick shout out...not that he'll see it lol but my husband was the best caretaker for four days!! I never thought he had it in him. He's been great. I'm always the one doing everything for everyone around this has been quite the role reversal! And I'm so grateful! Happy healing ;)


Well day 5 and all is well. Pain pump came out last night and I had a slight burning in the upper ab area but otherwise ok. I'm alone for the first time today and doing fine. In and out of the recliner ok, I even managed to change my dressings and snap a pic and get my binder back on all by myself lol! Back pain has been a beast! But I found a great solution!! The day before surgery I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond a Homedics neck massager with heat. It was 19.99 before the coupon! So this morning my back was so sore that I put the massager behind my back and just leaned against it and it has truly been a godsend!! Totally worth the $15!! It relaxes the muscles just enough. Hope everyone is doing well!! Good luck to those whose big day is near!! And happy healing to those who are done!

One week!!

Today is one week from my surgery day!! Just saw the PS this drain came out and all the dressings are off! The incision is fantastic...thin and super low and not horribly long either!! I'm so happy with my surgeon. So far I have a great result and am so happy!! Recovery is slow. It's amazing how tired you get just moving around lol. And the back ache....lord Jesus...the back ache!!! It's rough. Seems I've been under medicating myself and I was having a crazy burning pain at the top of my MR. So, I'm taking one or two Percocet a day, no need to be a hero! So far I'm very pleased with my experience and would do it again for sure. I truly believe that all of the stories on this site have helped make my experience better. I felt so prepared going into this because of all I've read about the experiences of others! I know when everything's going to happen before it happens! I was a little teary yesterday, but...thanks to the girls on RS, I knew it was coming lol. Well it's been a busy morning....time to rest!!

A few pics

Just adding my before and afters at one week! I'm on cloud 9 :))

POD 12

Just about back to normal! All drains are out. No real swelling to speak of...though I'm sure it's just a matter of time! Started driving today, no problems there. Overall this was easier than I thought it would be (knock wood)!! Planning to go back to work January 2. So almost a month off. Not bad! Breasts are healing well. Massaging my scars now to soften them up. Really all in all it's been a very good experience. Just waiting til things heal up all the way before I decide if it was worth it...though I know it was. I haven't achieved perfection, nor did I set out to. Was just looking for improvement...which I certainly got! :)) posted some pics, not much change. Will try to post weekly from here on out. Hope you're all well!! Thanks for all the help and encouragement!!

Almost three weeks post op!!

Well, it's been nearly three weeks since my MM. I've lost count of the days! Everything seems to be going well. Still have some slight discomfort in the belly but honestly the boobs are more annoying than the belly! Every once in a while I get a pain that makes you stop and grab them and yell OUCH!! It seems like it's an area where there's a stitch or something but boy does it burn! But honestly, the overall pain of the entire procedure was totally manageable. That was one of my biggest fears...well that and blood clots! But everything has been fine and all the worries are unnecessary. But we all do it! I haven't met 'swell hell' still...amen to that! Been keeping the binder on 24/7. And I've been extremely active the last ten days....getting ready for Christmas and all. Like non stop from morning til bed time and tolerating it pretty well. The hormones are funny, because every now and then I'll cry for nothing. But my family gets it lol. Been sleeping in my bed for the last probably ten days and it gets easier each night. I've been massaging my scars with Aquaphor and they're softening up nicely. Should start scar therapy soon. See the PS on Friday so we'll see! Well girls...I have to supervise my hubby who is about to vacuum and mop for me ;)) so I'll post a few pics of my progress and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!! I believe I got the best present ever!!

Oops pics didn't upload!

24 days post op!!

Well, it's been 24 days since my surgery. Not a whole lot to report. Getting stronger every day. Still have some discomfort at the top of my muscle repair. Nothing that Motrin and a heating pad doesn't cure. Saw the PS Friday. Got cleared to do squats...thank GOD! My butt/hips/thighs have had enough lol! Walked a brisk mile yesterday with my husband and did fine. Started silicone scar therapy also and have been massaging with Aquaphor daily. It really helps to soften the incision. I started noticing a difference right away. I have one little area of concern at the center of my incision where the vertical and horizontal incisions meet. There has been a stitch hanging out of there and it's been the slowest spot to heal so the doc cut the stitch on Friday and I told him my concerns of it opening up. He said its fine and that its healed, so lets hope! I see many reviews where people were cruising along at the four week mark and their incisions start opening up. I hope I can avoid that! I go back to work Thursday and work in a hospital and am exposed to every germ known to man! I don't want any open wounds. So, at this's still so far so good! I've posted a pic, not much change from last week. Can't wait to stop the Holiday food fest and lose these hips!

One month and four days post op!

My how time flies! Seems like just yesterday that everyone was busy doing everything for me while i was incapacitated on the couch...BACK TO REALITY!! And so quickly I might add. ;) All is back to normal here. Cooking, light housework etc. still making the hubby push the vacuum and mop. I'm gonna milk that one for all it's worth!! Lol. Wearing the binder pretty much all day everyday. Spanx if I'm going out semi dressed as the binder is too bulky. Still have random discomfort here and there but everyday it gets better. No pain meds, just the occassional motrin. The silicone strips are amazing at softening and minimizing the scar. I'm religious with it because my vertical scar is kinda rough...but no complaints here!! It's all good. One look at my 'before' and I remember how fortunate I am! Pretty safe to say at this point that it was worth it! My breasts are still "coming along". Not crazy about them yet. But I like them better than what I had, for sure! I was trying to avoid having a lift because of the scars so we took the conservative route and did just dual plane technique implants. The doc and I are both in agreement that they're not where we want them to be but we will wait at least six months before doing anything to them. I'm inclined to leave them be...the most I would consider is a crescent lift. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there! All in all I'm very happy with everything. And I'm very happy that I don't feel self conscious walking past my husband naked anymore :))

5 weeks post op!!

It's amazing to say that five weeks have passed already! I snapped a few "selfie's" yesterday and decided I had to share them :) thought it might be nice to post some that I wasn't naked in lol. Seeing these pics made me feel so good! I can't wait to get back to working out to get ready for my first bikini since I was 16 years old!! Twenty years...that's a long time to live with insecurity! This experience has been so liberating. I can't even put it into words...though I know that most of you understand exactly where I'm coming from.

6 weeks post op...woo hoo!!!

Six weeks today!! Best decision I've ever made, best money I've ever spent! Everything is healing really nicely. I'm very happy with all of it. So is my PS. My breasts are very natural looking which is what I wanted. I'm having a heck of a time finding a bra that fits correctly. I thought, wow now I have boobs I can wear anything...nope! Guess I have to break down and have a fitting at Victoria Secret. I'm out of the binder except for if I'm working or working out. Thank god! I love/hated that thing lol. I really feel like I turned a corner this week. Things that were hurting a week or two ago are totally fine now. I took an extra two weeks off of work and that was a good thing. I feel physically and mentally ready now and i really wasn't ready two weeks ago. Actually tonight is my first shift back. Looking forward to getting super for and enjoying life without the stupid physical hang ups!! Ladies...if you're on the fence, GO FOR IT!!!!

Six weeks post op..with pics!


I meant to say "looking forward to getting super FIT...not "for". Lol love auto correct!

7 weeks post op.

Not much to report. Back to work, having no trouble moving patients or anything like that. I "worked out" yesterday for the first time. Boy did I lose some stamina!! Guess laying around for six weeks really sets you back! Lol...I'll get there again :) So I'm a tiny bit swollen since my activity is totally back to normal...but it's pretty minor. Have slight dog ears on the ends of my incision. Dr will be revising them in June. And he's going to inject my vertical incision with Kenalog to soften it up. I'm totally blessed to have had such a wonderful experience. My doctor has been great. I'll see him again in a month. It's great to be able to sneeze without pain!! Hope you're all well. Will probably post monthly now as there's not much to report! Good luck girls ;)) and thanks for being such an awesome source of support and encouragement!!

8 weeks post op!!

So I wasn't going to post for a few weeks...but it seems to still be addictive lol! So this weeks update is dedicated to my breast augmentation. I have to give major kudos to my PS for what I consider to be an amazingly natural result! I didn't want huge round porn star breasts. For some women, that's a great look...but for my petite frame I think it would look awful. I am very happy with my results...and the discomfort of the post op period is a faint memory!! The focus is now on working out the rest of the body to match the amazing surgical results. So this is Day 1 of my T25 workout plan to get ready for that bikini!!! Wish me luck...and to all of you that I've been watching that are fresh out of surgery...hang in there, keep positive about your experience and know that the discomfort and the fatigue are temporary and in a few weeks you'll be thrilled!!

3 months post op!

My how time flies. Three months out and I feel great. Life is totally normal, work is work. I will say that I seriously lost my workout stamina!! I couldn't believe how far back I went from where I was preoperatively! Slowly but surely it'll come back. It needs to come butt and thighs are begging it to come back lol! I'm considering hiring a personal trainer. I just want to really get on track with eating clean and working out daily. I can be kind of lazy. Actually I'm not lazy at all...just always seem to have the perfect reason not to work out if I don't have an exercise buddy to keep me honest!! And my buddy is in hibernation until the weather warms up. Spring can't come quickly enough...I'm so looking forward to running in the park again! Anyhow...I see the PS on Monday so I'll let you all know how that goes. I had decided to not have a breast lift initially because I wanted to see how things healed without it. Now, I think my breasts have really bottomed out and are just a larger version of what I had upper pole volume. I did however ask for a very natural result which is exactly what I believe i have. but i had these visions of being able to wear a Tank top without a bra...haha yeah right! I don't know if a HP implant would've been a better choice to fill the upper pole or not. But nevertheless that's where I am right now. They're nicer than what they used to be for sure...but i fear they could be around my knees in no time! Lol so I'll be chatting with my Dr about that Monday. Still so happy I did this and I have zero regrets! And I encourage anyone thinking about it to go for it!
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