Hurt Like Heck! - Northern California

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It's been one month and I am still feeling a...

It's been one month and I am still feeling a little bit of soreness in my jawline. The procedure is a ten-level pain! No kidding. I wouldn't do it again unless the medical community comes up with some sort of topical anesthetic. I took an Adavan and a Vicodin. But, nothing can stop that sharp needle-like zapping from hurting! It was long and torturous. I had purple bruises on my cheeks and greenish around my jawline for almost ten days. Make-up barely covered it. I would recommend you take a week off from work, especially if you don't want people talking behind your back. hahaha!

Okay, so I may be imagining (willing it to happen) it, but see a slight tightening above my browline. The jury is still out. Though, I was told to come back three months after procedure date for follow-up and photos. I am hoping the results will be noticeable by then.

If I've scared you, I apologize. But, when I read these medical websites (advertising!) promoting Ultherapy with Q & A's, and reading that there may be slight pain and some soreness, yet no's just NOT TRUE. I would advise icing immediately to eliviate swelling and bruising, as I was not told to and waited a day to start.

Good luck!

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