Breast Implants and Vaser Lipo - Northborough, MA

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March 8th Pre-Op March 20th Surgery I'm...

March 8th Pre-Op March 20th Surgery I'm choosing silicone implants, but was on the fence about saline for a long time. Vaser is a last minute addition. I had two babies via c-section and the area above the incision will not flatten out. My main concern is increased stretch marks once the procedure is done. I'm a working mom and cannot take the down time from a tummy tuck. Anyone out there with some advice about silicone versus saline and/or stretch marks experienced post lipo? Thanks!

The Pre-Op went well. There sure is a LOT of...

The Pre-Op went well. There sure is a LOT of paperwork. It really puts into perspective how many things can go wrong during a surgery. The nurse and PS were great answering all my questions and explaining what will happen during the procedure.

I didn't mention in my previous post that I have deflated salines, so technically, this is the 3rd time I've gone into surgery regarding my implants. The first was 15yrs ago, the second 13yrs ago due to a left side deflation. The right side deflated 2yrs ago during my second pregnancy. I had the PS deflate my 'good' side so I could see what my breast were like after age and two babies.

At first I was just going to have the saline bags removed, but I do miss having full breasts. There have been many advances in the last 15yrs and I have more options now. I have done my due diligence going to multiple consults w/other doctors. The one I chose definitely has the best reputation for her work. I know I've driven her nuts w/at least 5 appointments, but she has always remained patient and at times painfully honest with her assessment. She's a professional. I'd rather have the truth then someone telling me what I want to hear.

Here are pics from my Pre-Op. As I go up in cc's...

Here are pics from my Pre-Op. As I go up in cc's I seem to look thinner? I'm normally a small B cup, but the black tank is one of those slimming tops. I went from 275cc to 325cc. I'm aiming for something in the middle, but I'm basically leaving it up to the PS to decide since my abdomen will flatten out a little w/the vaser. I want to look proportional.
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