33 Year Old Finally Taking the Plunge, Work Hard, Like Everthing else About my Body, but This. Northborough, MA

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I will continue to add more pictures. The best...

I will continue to add more pictures. The best thing is to educate yourself on the healing process. Let me kno if you have any questions about how things feel, felt, frustrations. It is not for an impatient peson, and it has to be something you really want and are willing to keep your weight stableFingers crossed. If anyone had any that looked like mine and the procedure worked let me know please.

3 months later

I still have numbness and pain especially after a work out class which i am taking up to 5 days a week. I am vegan, i have to be strict. I am also gluten free and on ave have 2 pieces of gluten free bread a day. I also just started pilates with a machine and instructor. Youd think i am rich, im not at all. I was on medical leave and now im laid off. Exercise is the only thing that keeps me sane. When my plastic surgeon saw the lines if herniated tissue coming up she agreed with me from a previous statement that yes, i rallt do swell. She said she'd look again June and fix anything that needs to be fixed. Im gonna push that to Sept. Thats not fair that im going to have huge swollen bruised and extremely sore thighs in the summer! No, im going to swim in my pool, paddle biard, keep working out, and do pilates. Im down to 140 ponds from 150. As far as the cellulite structural differences.......im very unhappy. Im not seeing 6,000 worth of work! It still looks nasty under lights where it casrs shadows but now i also have discoloration. It looks like a permanent bruise back there and it swells after a work out so i use ice and Arnica gel. I would rather get back most of my money and not have it "fixed". But 6,000 is where i trapped myself.

3 months later more pictures

I had difficulty cropping and posting some pictures on here.

3 month

Take 4, here are the backs of mybthighs aftet all my eating right, cellulaze, and exercise in soft light. Can you imagine harsh light?

3 months 30 min. Took some photos just now

It looks the same. The same. The same. The same as when i started except that i lost weight due to working out. See in the pictures below with lighting. Oh and it still hurts.
Dr. P.

I'm not going to get into my interactions with my Dr. YET I'mean on here to update with pictures and inform about my experience. Everyone's is very difference. There is no one size fits all. I'm still hurting on the backs and sides of my legs where I got it done. It was not as painful as Vader Lipo I'd had done 6 years b4. I have had cellulite since 16 and it on backs of my legs even when I stand since 25. It can sometimes be about lighting....I was told to stay out of mirrors. Pictures are important, but keep in mind I had a large portion done, (and not my bum), and I swelled a lot after. I am 150 pounds 5'6" athletic.

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