23, 55kgs, 460cc HP Subglandular/Overs - 9th July at Aurora, Three Shires, Northampton, GB

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Hi everyone, just beginning my journey to getting...

Hi everyone, just beginning my journey to getting my boobies that I so desire!

After doing extensive online research looking at UK surgeons, I believe I have found 'the one'. This just so happens to be a surgeon who works in my town. I have my consultation booked for next month however I am unsure as to whether I should be booking in more?

I would love some advice on whether any of you went with the first surgeon you liked or whether you traveled around having many consultations before deciding?

Thank you :)

Consultation done and surgery booked!

So I had my consultation at Aurora Northampton yesterday. It was surprisingly quick, I was in and out in about 20 mins! (My book of questions was made redundant lol). The nurse brought me and my partner into the room and then my PC Adrian Richards came in, I told him my size wishes, (B to a full DD) and then he had a look at me. Much to my delight the lovely Aggie had joined us by this point, they both proceeded to tell me that I had lovely shaped breasts and that I was perfect for this, something I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear! But lovely at the same time. This also means no fuss, just your bog-standard breast augmentation (and the cheapest price!). Aggie then explained that any questions about the procedure etc I can ask her at my sizing appointment (the time for the book of questions to be used).

I have been very keen to book my surgery for a while and I already knew that I would pay my deposit and book my date on the day, before I had my consultation, so that’s what I did. I have booked my sizing appointment for the end of this month, and the big day is 23rd July! This was my choice of date as with certain commitments it works out well for me. I am so excited! July seems a while away but I’m sure it will fly by in no time. I am really looking forward to my next appointment with Aggie as that will be about an hour so I can finalise all the queries I have, have fun testing sizes and decide on which implants to have.

I am a little undecided on sub-glandular or dual-plane? I am swaying more towards dual-plane as I am worried about a rounded boob-job look in the more distant future, also, when I get onto a big fitness streak and a bit more lose weight every now and then, my boobs shrink loads, sometimes a whole cup size. So I fear that when I have implants if I lost weight that they would end up looking like balls under the skin or something! Haha. Maybe I just convinced myself to go dual-plane right there!

Currently, from doing my own research I have put myself having mod+ profile at roughly 435cc maybe a bit more. I am a bit wider in the ribs than most girls my size (8) and I have broader shoulders too so I know I need a bigger base width, I think I would have to be convinced pretty heavily to go high profile.

We’ll see what I actually come to get at the end of the month!

Wish pics and date moved sooner!

Aurora called me on Friday and explained Mr Richards has changed his annual leave so I either had to move sooner or later, I originally chose late but then my colleagues convinced me to to go sooner. So I am not booked for 9th July! Eeeee now long now!

Thought I'd post my favourite wish photos up too, bare, bra and bikini :)

Sizing appointment!

Well isn't it funny how things change even when you've got your mind set on something?!

So I went in with a view of 450cc mod profile unders and instead I'm getting either 460cc or 520cc high profile overs! After looking at so many photos I had slightly considered high profile but still thought I'd stick with mod but the mod looked like a pancake compared!! First I tried 360s, these were far too small as they didn't even look much different to when I have my ultra padded bras on. The 460s felt great, nice size and projection. Aggie is ordering these plus the 520s, she expressed worry that the 520s would look a bit fake. I am unsure as the photo of me in the 460s doesn't look as big as I did want. On surgery day I think I will just ask that if the 520s fit and look ok then I'd like to take them but if they look rubbish I'm happy with the 460s, I will trust Mr Richards opinion on the day.

I was also told that I couldn't go near as big as I wanted if I went dual plane and I would be limited to a 360. Aggie said there is a much higher chance of symmastia. After looking at photos I was completely put off. I have 5cm upper pole breast tissue which is obviously 2 more than the required 3cm. I have slight concerns about the long term but I guess I have to park those thoughts and accept I have to do this if I want the size. It is scary as SO many people and surgeons swear by dual plane but I have to trust thier recommendation as they know what they are doing. I am looking forward to the fact they will look normal quicker!!

Any helpful comments from people with overs would be lovely?

I had a fab time at my appointment though I just can't wait now! 3 months and counting.


Wasn't going to post my before pics but everyone else's helped me loads so thought why not.

If anyone has had significant size increase with overs I'd like to hear about it!! :)

2 months to go!

1 down, 2 more to go. I am still so excited I just wish it would hurry up now!

Just over 1 month to go

Not long now just over 1 month. Really excited. Paid my bill off today!

So far I have got myself a lovely V pillow, nice new tracksuit and slippers to wear at the hospital, plain zip up sports bra from asda and a post surgery Macom ibra. Anyone had one of these? Read mixed reviews but thought I'd give it a go as I didn't know what else to buy. Will be getting some hibiscrub and arnica tabs too. Should be fully prepared. Quite looking forward to the time off to be honest! Hopefully week 2 will be more like a holiday!

1 week to go!

Finding it hard to believe that this time next week I will have my two new girls! Hospital bag is pretty much packed, house cleaning is underway (even wiping out the fridge etc!) I want it gleaming for when I come back! Keep getting a bit nervous to be honest, little butterflies here and there. I think I am mainly worried about going under GA. Haven't gone under since I was very little so it scares me a tad.

On a positive note I am delighted that Dr Richards is now using the Keller Funnel for his procedures! I loved the idea of this when I first started researching so I am very happy that it will be used in my surgery.

Clock is seriously ticking, not long now! :)

Bye bye....

Adios to the super triple maximum boost push up gel maximising bras!

All done

Had my surgery yesterday just sat in bed in hospital, I think we get discharged about 10.30am.
I can't fault my experience here in any way. It's been amazing! Aggie and Adrian came round to mark me up first thing, I had decided I wanted the 460s, and I went down to theatre approx 9.30. I started shaking in the anaesthesia room and Aggie held my hand tight and really looked after me. I felt like I was going within seconds of laying down, next thing I know I wake up in the recovery room, felt like I had had a big nap! First thing to leave my mouth 'did I get the 460s?!' Haha and I was happy to hear I did. Aftercare all day yesterday was great. I had visions of being monged out and not being able to move but I have felt right as rain and being able to walk about etc. Pain is a little more this morning and more tightness. Looking forward to going home today :)

Off the meds...

Hey, all is well. I'm pretty much off my meds now, not taking paracetamol or codeine anymore just diclofenac 3 times a day as it's anti-inflammatory. They are still pretty tight and don't quite feel a part of me yet but I'm feeling better within myself every day.

Now to commence Netflix marathons while I am off work :)

1 week check up tomorrow

So I'm a little nervous for them to take this tape off my insisions I'm not going to lie! Hopefully it doesn't hurt.
Boobies are doing good though, a little more soft/squidgy today. The skin is still super tight in the lower half of each though, it's practically shiny, will take a while to accommodate I think!
I like the size of them on me though, I panicked that I had gone too big a couple of days ago but looking at photos, I think I would have thought I had gone too small if i had gone any less. x

Check up

Check up went well today, didn't hurt having the tape pulled off! Yay! Not looking forward to changing it myself in a few days though.

We are allowed to shower now but to be honest they still feel SO heavy and tight without my surgery bra on. I'm not sure I would be able to have a shower with them loose for that long! Might have shallow baths for a few more days.

Today I bought a few seamless comfort bras from Primark to put on when my Macom gets a bit claustrophobic. They are only £2.50! (U.S. girls I believe these would be similar to the cheap ones you can get in Walmart). But for the moment they don't offer as much support as the Macom for me so will keep them in the drawer for a bit.

2 month update!

Hey guys! Just thought I would post a pic of my final results. I am so happy with them! They are exactly the size I was after. I don't need to wear a bra and the size is spot on on my clothes. Over the moon with the service from aurora I cannot fault them one bit. Especially Aggie she always deserves a mention for being so amazing. I am a 34DD or E depending on shop which is exactly what I wanted. Scars are settling down nicely, aurora sell some special scar stuff which I am going to get next month as it has good reviews. I might post scar update pics in the future!

Oh also I am back into my running and its absolutely fine. I bought a shock absorber ultimate running bra and it doesn't feel any different to before! I did a 10k obstacle race last weekend no problem and even did the A frame monkey bars! Feel completely back to normal :)

Almost 4 months!

Hey guys, just a little update.

Everything still great, I love them so much this has to be one of the best things I have ever done.

I had been trying to fit into 34DD bras but I had not been comfortable and then I got the lady in the shop to help me and she put me in a 32E instead and it was brill! So much better and I can now wear a normal bra during the day! I had been still wearing my cheap primark seamless bras every day until this point!

Going to get this special scar stuff from my aurora clinic soon apparently it's amazing. No other major updates! I'll pop a picture on from last month as I don't have a recent one.

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