Day One After Treatment - North Wales, UK

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Thank you for writing this blog which has helped...

Thank you for writing this blog which has helped me so much.
I had my treatment yesterday on my nose... cream applied and I was told to return to the hospital three hours later. The light was on for 7 minutes and during the treatment there was a burning sensation which was excruciating at times. The Nurse offered to spray cool water on my nose to relieve the pain but I resisted until the end. My nose was covered with a plaster and I was told to leave this on for 48 hours. By the end of 24 hours I felt itching underneath the plaster so gently peeled it off to reveal a bit of weeping of the redness. I decided to leave off the plaster and let the area dry out. It is now 30 hours since treatment and I am starting to see scabs appear on the top of my nose. I have to say that I have been in pain today with a burning sensation and tenderness. I have also felt extremely tired and have had to rest during the day. I am hoping this has worked and want to reassure anyone thinking of having it done not to worry too much as I think its worth it.

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