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Hi - I have been following several posts on this...

Hi - I have been following several posts on this site with interest and reassurance. Last year I had made an appointment for rhinoplasty but then cancelled it as my mum was so against it and made me feel so worried, even though she has known I have felt like this for over 20 years! My mums opinions matter to me even though i am now 34! - i am so soft.

Anyway I have made an appointment with a new surgeon as original surgeon has refused to take me back due to me 'changing my mind'! - really frustrating. I have tried to discuss this with her again but she is still so against it, so I have decided not to talk to her about it anymore. I have decided not to discuss this with anyone anymore as people - friends etc... Are so negative and judgemental.

Anyway I will post some pics and would appreciate any feedback about my nose, and whether or not you think I would be improved by rhinoplasty, I think that strangers are more honest! And people on here seem really nice and would understand where I am coming from.

Just to amend my last post: when I said I tried to...

Just to amend my last post: when I said I tried to talk to her again I meant my Mum! It sounds like the surgeon.... Anyway, as I said I have decided not to discuss this further with my family as they seem to get really stressed out about it. I have really done a load of research about rhinoplasty procedures, over a lot of years and finally feel determined to do this. My first consultation with new surgeon is 18th feb, he does digital morphing to ensure better understanding of what both parties want to achieve and to ensure the fiunction of the nose is not compromised.

I am feeling much better about this now, after...

I am feeling much better about this now, after hearing that many others on here have found it best to keep these decisions to themselves (more or less) - obviously apart from talking about it on here - which i have to say has helped massively and normalised my feelings on this from being really concerned about all this to feeling alot calmer. i have got my first consultation appointment in feb and hopefully will book surgery for july, which is ages away! so just going to let it happen now. i will be updating next after my feb appointment. i have managed to find some really positive threads and comments about the surgeon i have appointment with which again is making me feel better. Time will fly to feb... i am just so impatient but can't do it any earlier anyway. I have had some great advice through PMs and this site really has helped me loads already. Thank you!

..and i should say the comments have been really...

..and i should say the comments have been really helpful and supportive too! thanks :)

I had to have a pic taken with new nephew the...

I had to have a pic taken with new nephew the other day and I look like I have a kitchen extension on the end of my nose!!!!!! My nose looks so different from every angle. I will take this down soon, just thought I would add it to my profile for a short time, the upside down one shows the lumpy extension bit from the front. Roll on consultation day on feb 18th. I have tried everything to make front pic the right way around but it won't do it. Well, like I say will take them down soon. I really do feel right about my decision when I see these pictures!!! :) !!

Hi All Been away from this site for while. So...

Hi All
Been away from this site for while. So quite a bit to update. I had my consultation with second surgeon on 18th Feb, it went well and i was pleased with his suggestions, he said that it was unusual to have such an asymmetric nose shape, i didnt think it was that bad but?! anyway, he was great, unfortunately he could not match up the few dates that i have in order to do this with work. So i had to take decision to 'switch' to a different surgeon, who seems extremely well qualified, initially trained as an ENT surgeon and now is an associate professor in plastic and reconstructive surgery, is on every board going and has about 30 years experience. It is almost like fate has steered me his way, as i have had a pretty long journey to get here! the hospital were excellent and rearranged everything, i had a saturday consultation appointment with him and he was great, very to the point, very thorough, really went through things more ridgedly than the other 2 surgeons i have seen, he said that the work to the tip would give me a significant improvement in appearance. So the points are:
1. He is going to do closed where other 2 said open, but he said he is very experienced (does several a month) and also = no scar on outside. 2. Shorten columella 3. I have a deepish ridge running up the middle of the columella which he noticed (i didnt mention this as i didn't think it could be fixed - so really pleased about that) he said he would fill that with crushed cartilige from reducing the bump on the top of nose (although this sometimes does not work). 4. file down hump on nose (sounds awful - but hey! has to be done), and reducing alar (nostril) cartilages, more on one side to get rid of lump over right nostril! he made big points about making my nose look natural. - oh yes, also will lift the tip slightly as it does droop a bit. I booked the operation for 26th July 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! at last! and my Mum is talking to me now, she is been brilliant, helping me out and happy to discuss things, which is massive as she had told me i was by myself with this and she did not agree. i just did not talk to her anymore at all until i had seen sugeon on 18th and definitely decided i was doing it. i told her and she was ok. she has taken the attitude that its my nose and if it goes wrong then not to winge to her about it!! - thats all i expected and i am glad for that. it was not good keeping it a secret from her. however, she is the ONLY person that knows me that knows, obviously now i am broadcasting it, but thats different!

I am a bit undecided with it all at the moment. I...

I am a bit undecided with it all at the moment. I have made another appointment to see surgeon, but he won't show me any pictures and there are non on his website?????? But he has loads f experience and seems to be on every board going, with millions of qualifications. Then will I be happy, will it be a disaster???? I have posted a load of pics, to give a better idea. Should I just remain unique but always bothered about my nose, as I constantly talk myself out of it then, I am glad I am doing this on the other hand. Sometimes I think nose is fine, then some times not. Is this just normal. Hmmmmmmm......

Well after a good kick up the backside from a few...

Well after a good kick up the backside from a few brilliant people from this site I have woken up and realised I need to do something else!! I have booked a consultation with Mr Lucian Ion in may. His gallery of before and afters look brilliant and he does the digital morphing which I wanted originally. It's only about 3 hours away on the trim and my auntie lives in London too. Feeling better about this. I also last night emailed the surgeons secretary who I have booked with for pictures, but have not heard anything, not even a courtesy reply!! This will be the 4th consultation I will be having, I just feel that I have learnt so much about things and surgeons etc... Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions, you all have really helped me.

Morphed pictures from consultation - what do you think?

Had consultation in London last Saturday and it was great. Surgeon seemed very thorough. He did 3D images and 2D. Seeing what I could look like was amazing. The 2D ones don't seem as good as the 3D images though. I have posted them, but I look horrendous, due to travelling down to London, walking to his office, being too hot etc... So I look awful, please just consider the nose! :) I will only leave pics up for a short time as I don't want any of my students to come across them. My Dad knows now and it is very strained. He is getting quite cross about it. I can understand his feelings. But it makes me feel bad about even just thinking about doing this. My family are generally against it and it is not good. Unfortunately I obviously had to tell them. They are taking it very personally... :(

Sorry about the rant!!!!

I had spent ages agonising over whether to look into all this never mind do it, and have found the most difficult thing is dealing with everyone else's worries and concerns!! It's good to be loved :) looking on the bright side of it. I just don't want anyone to worry. My mum is great but I know not to overload her with info! She worries about if it goes wrong. Again I would if it was my daughter.

Not long to go now!

It's a while since I updated as I found a lump in my neck, which thankfully was not anything too nasty, had to have an operation to get that removed, now can think about nose again! I had booked my surgery so thankfully, I am 2 weeks post neck op and should be fine for the 29th. I have waited about 15 years to do this and then that happens!
So I was told to start talking bromelain and vitamin C 2 weeks prior to help with recovery so started it early as thought it might help my neck to heal up too. Definitely feeling good about doing this now, just counting down the days.

My neck! Am quite proud of this :) ....! Will detract from new nose anyway!

All done, all seems brilliant up to now.

After I met with my anaesthetist and surgeon I went to theatre at about 8.30. It took about an hour in the actually surgery part. Came round, felt ok. Later I felt like I had ad a football kicked full force into my nose and face, but nurses sorted out pain levels and I can breath so well through my nose already and there is the packing in there! Can't believe that! That was a huge worry, not being able to breath through it. Dreading packing coming out tomorrow tho :(small amount of bleeding from nose but have tablets for 3 days to help reduce that too. I haven't got much bruising and only a little swelling. It could well break out overnight tho yet! And I am always sick after anaesthetic but the brilliant anaesthetist used special anaesthetic that guarantees you aren't sick/dizzy when you one round, it worked fabulously! What a relief! I think it looks so much better already. Added some pictures through from yesterday and through today up to now! So pleased already, the tip looks great already! Would totally be happy to just be like this with cast on forever compared to how it was!!! :D :D :D :D yeah!!!! I did it!!!!

Underneath nose looks much improved!

Day 3 -worst day!

I didn't sleep so well ast night and woke up really swollen! A bit more bruising has appeared too, but arnica cream applied through the night improved it by morning! It works really fast.

Day 4 -

Slept much better last night, swelling has really gone down. Felt really sick with the antibiotics I am taking, I was told by my surgeon to start eating probiotic yogurt before the op and after, but didn't think too much about it as antibiotics never bother me that way! I wish I had!! I have a yogurt maker and made some, and been eating loads, is really helped, my dad also kindly got me some yacult. So I would definitely recommend them if you've been prescribed antibiotics. Also I bought a neck cushion thing, I honk they call them travel cushions, I go it fir £1 from pound land and seriously it's been one of the best things I bought of recovery, really invaluable when trying to sleep sitting up/propped up or just watching tv!

Day 5

Woke up feeling much better this morning. Actually mange to sleep quite well nearly all night. Decided to cut down the strong painkillers as they were making me feel quite nauseous. So just on paracetamol now and feeling a better.

Day 6

Day 7

Looking a lot better, I should have said that yesterday I had yellow bruises appear on the bottom of my cheeks/chin! Which was weird as I had not had any purple bruising there, just a lot of swelling.
I get my cast off tomorrow! Can't wait, the stents that are inside my nose are really getting annoying, one of them moves when I breathe in and out, and I feel like it's going to make me sneeze! I am really pleased so far, I think it's looking great. Can't believe that a week has gone so fast. I think some parts of this week have been tough, like trying to sleep on the first few nights, and day 3 swelling was really awful, but it really has gone down quite quick considering I've practically had my nose taken apart and re built! :) just hoping it all stays together when the cast comes off!!

Cast off

Front view- swollen tip!

3/4 view

Before surgery nose! Awful

In shock!

I was really worried about getting the stents out, but it wasn't bad at all, all stitches seemed to come of fine as well. Showed me how to do the massage for swelling etc. it's really awful! Am sat in first class on train home and I have all this crusty stuff coming out of my nostrils!!!!!! Argh.... What do I do??? Think I will have to go to toilet a minute. Will be back...


Thank fully it's one of those things that feels horrendous but you can see. Wierd. I have more swelling over left nostril than right so toe looking straight on I think the tip looks in the centre yet, but I know that's swelling as I can feel it and see it. I went really dizzy when it all came out and off! When I looked in the mirror I think I was so relieved that my nose still looked like a nose and an excellent one at that! I can breathe through it just the same as before which was a massive worry for me. I think the relief and gratitude I felt was to overwhelming I just went a bit faint . The nurse gave me a cup of tea with plenty of sugar and a choc biscuit! I was just sat there with a mirror in awe! I decided to bring my concealer so went to the toilet and covered bruises a bit more and felt ready to face the world with my new face. I feel I look totally completely different. Mr Ion said it really has softened my features and profile. He seemed really pleased and took some photos. He is really amazing! He has performed a miracle on my nose, i never thought i would ever look like this. I feel like a new women. No more stressing about my nose! When I just went to the toilet there I thought it looked smaller ? Is it possible for swelling to disappear that fast, or maybe I am just getting used to seeing it. I love it anyway!! Really happy with myself. If I wasn't on the train I would probably be crying as am so happy! :D


I meant can't see. Trying to type on the train on iPod is a bit fiddly!

Can't get anything right! Still not thinking straight! :)

I mean iPhone! :/

Got home and been inspecting it! - I look a bit like a smurf from the front due to the tip swelling!

My surgeon suggested I get some of this special sinus rinse that you make up in a bottle, you them squirt it up one nostril and it comes out the other. Anyway just done that and taped my nose up as he told me. It was a bit weird doing the rinse, but it's definitely helped clear nasal passages. I would recommend it. It's call Neil Med sinus rinse. He took some photos to compare to when I have my 6 week check up, so that I'll be very interesting, as I feel like a smurf from the front at the moment! But got to be firm and tell myself, I have had so much work done on the tip and is only a week, it's fine that I look like a smurf? It still looks tonnes better than old nose even with the swelling! I am really pleased, just feels normal to have this nose.

9 days after and 2 days after cast off day

Pictures speak louder than words so I am not going to say too much. Watched a few videos on youtube about taping a nose after rhinoplasty, which were good, I think the way I taped my nose last night worked well, but it hurt a bit taking off all the tape this morning! My nose is definitely swelling up inside, and feels like it's still dripping! I know it sounds awful but, But obviously its still early days and it's because the nose is just sorting itself out. It's looking good though and I am really happy so far, just getting used to how I look now, as I feel like I look completely different. My nostrils look slightly different but I have a lot of swelling around my nostrils as that is where most of the work was done, so I am not worried about that, apart from hoping that the swelling will go down, rather than continue to hang around for too long! The left nostril is more sore with 'stuff' like scabs in it, so that's definitely adding to the swelling. That's the side where the nostril looks a bit smaller from the side. Whereas right nasal passage is more swollen at the top. Sleeping much better though. All of my family are being great and agree that my surgeon Mr Ion has done an amazing job. My mum is brilliant, sometimes when I tell her about the swelling etc ... She reassuringly just says "it's just another stage" and she is so right! :)

This time last year I made the decision to do this. 6 months down the line i can say it was the best thing I have EVER done for

I am at 6 months post op and my nose is settling really well, the tip has really de swelled, still some swelling their but it's getting a lot more flexible. It's all been so with it , I would do it again in an instant, well worth the 7 difficult nights with the splints in just after the op! I still have some sensitive bits where I had a lot of work done around the tip. But I love it, it's made a massive difference to my life, my confidence and my happiness, I was lucky enough to go on this site and be told about an amazing surgeon who did a fantastic job, my nose feels really strong, really well structured and suits me better than my own nose ever did. This time last year I was just did deciding that I was definitely doing this. If you are in that position now, I would say believe in your decision, do it for yourself, find a good surgeon and talk to lots of people. It will make such a difference to your life. Go for it!!! It's so good to look in the mirror and be happy, to have a photo taken send a actually smile rather than flinch!!! My surgeon is Lucian Ion in Harley street London, he is amazing with excellent after care. A really gifted, and caring surgeon. Brilliant!!!

Front view set 5 months

8 months post op

Just thought I would post a few pics now my nose is really settling down. It's 8 months on and everything is great still. My daughter accidentally hit me full force in my nose with her head and I heard my nose crunch... But it's absolutely fine! Must be nice and strong despite being practically rebuilt! Right nasal passage still feels slightly smaller than the left and I ve found the winter a bit if a pain with cold air and then warm dry dry air with the heating had caused me to be quite congested. But this is mainly gone now, surgeon did warn me of this in the first winter.

Overall I am still extremely happy and it has changed my life for the better, I feel much more confident and happier.

Almost a year! - Minor tweak needed

Going in for a small procedure to sort out the cartilage in right nostril just caused by the way things have healed up. This will be done under a local anaesthetic on Friday. Excellent support from Lucian Ion and team when I wanted to discuss this.

A year and 2 days!

Throughout this year I ve known my right nostril seemed to be getting narrower inside, I spoke to The practice manger who was really understanding and got me in to see Mr Ion fairly promptly, Mr Ion said it was mainly scar tissue that had built up, just one of these things that can happen. I was booked in for 2 weeks later to have an adjustment rice dyer under a local anaesthetic. This was done at the small surgical offices at 152 Harley Street, the nurses were brilliant as I was really nervous! I was having cartilage cut off my septum and from around my nostril with some scar tissue/skin been cut out too. I think I was more nervous about having the injections inside my nose, but tbh Mr Ion was so careful that I hardly felt anything. The nurses were so kind as well, the whole thing only lasted about 45 minutes from getting into the gown to getting dressed again. I went back yesterday (3 weeks later) and Mr Ion gave me some steroid injections, again i hardly felt anything as the scar tissue had started to build up again, but the injections will help to soften this tissue and give me a wider space inside nostril again. I thought it would be really awful having parts of my nose cut off whilst being awake but it really wasn't that bad at all. I am just glad it was relatively easy to fix. The right side of my nose had a biggish (to me) lump of cartilage on the tip before I had the surgery so to me it's not a surprise that this side was a bit more tricky. I am still absolutely thrilled with my nose and the care and after care from Mr Ion and his team. I went into this knowing that potentially I might need a revision, to to the way things heal etched...due to my skin type I developed more scar tissue than someone with thinner skin, but this was explained to me fully before the op. This is where the great after care really kicks in! Important to think about this potential when booking your surgery. Will add some pictures ASAP! Thanks for reading.

Adjustment NOT rice dryer lol!!!

Rice dryer?? iPad autocorrect!!! It's supposed to say adjustment!!
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