Breast Problems - North Carolina, NC

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Just had follow up visit...My (L)breast sags more...

Just had follow up visit...My (L)breast sags more than right..I explained to the Dr that my nipples are just not even...He stated he needs the left to come down more...But the more it comes down the nipple goes up!! He wants me to do some weight lifting and exercise..Does this help with upper pole fullness in under the muscle implants?? The Dr also stated he wants to see me back every 8 weeks to make sure there is progress..If none he wants to give me nitrous and massage the (L) breast cause there is scar tissue build up..I am nervous about him viguriosly massaging the breast...I think it needs to be lifted more then massaged..The both breast are about 1/2 in off...My (R) side is the dominant side so he wants me to use dumbell weights on the left...Does this help any at all??? Will this improve my (L)breast from sagging??? Just seems a little strange...Mind you I had already went in for a revision in Oct 2010..

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