Nodules After 2nd Restylane Injection Nasolabial Fold

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Dear Community, here my experience with hyaloronic...

Dear Community, here my experience with hyaloronic fillers:

my first injection two years ago with Restylane/Juvederm (400 Euro) had a fantastic result even though the immediate pain after the injection was huge and superficial nodules showed up after some hours for one day. My second injection with Restylane (300 Euro) at a very known dermatologist praxis cost me lots of nerfs. The doc injected very fast and deep, no implant massage followed and left me one big purple bruise next to the nose and big pain after the injection.

I could hardly adequately talk for one day. But, cosmetic result was definitely there, not so great but acceptable. 10 days later I got the shock of my life: within half an hour I could see appear on one side a long thick nodule and bumps on all injection side which were visible when you knew it. I had awful months of granuloma formation/excision fears even though there was still a positive cosmetic result (fresh, healthy look).

Luckily there was no infection. The nodule is eight months later soft but still present and I just pray that this is only the product and not a granuloma. Yesterday I tried Belotero at another dermatologist's office (250 Euro) who only injected little and only at the beginning and the end of the nasolabial fold. Great was: NO PAIN AT ALL THE ENTIRE DAY and a nice visible immediate result.

Towards the evening I realized some areas were you can see the implant. Now I am anxiously awaiting the next two weeks when the waterbinding effect is taking place and when I will know whether the product will nodule or puff up. Hope that all of you have only great results and no granuloma or other bump problems!

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