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Some tips right from the start after having...

Some tips right from the start after having rhinoplasty in Poland

1) stay in an air conditioned hotel if the weather is going to be hot
2) room service is very handy and very reasonable at the hotel i stayed at , the Puro
3) make sure you understand the undertaking of rhinoplasty, that the swelling can take 6 months to a year to clear up and your new nose after the cast is removed will not be the lasting result.
Surgery was a breeze, no complications and no nausea which i have experienced before with UK surgery.

I went by myself to Poland.
Nurses are nice but some speak english better than they understand it. I was given a dense piece of bread with ham and cheese on a few hours post surgery, this was not easy to eat and made me bleed more, i suggest asking for the yogurt or pack your own food like a cup a soup and ask them to add water for you.

it was 40 degrees in Poland and i had first opted to stay at an apartment, this was my major mistake, no air conditioning and grotty conditions, i ended up with abnormal swelling. Dr Adam was a saint though, had a taxi driver come and pick me up and take me to the clinic so he could see me, he agreed i should probably move to a hotel where there was air conditioning and it was more comfortable.

After that everything was a breeze, i can not recommend the Puro hotel enough. Dr Adam saw me almost every day and as i started healing i was able to get out of the hotel and do some shopping about day 5 :)

I am only 2 weeks post op at this point, and I'm still not sure what to make of my nose, not that i should be making anything of it really at this early stage however i can almost feel that revision surgery will be needed :(
Another woman who had surgery with the same surgeon had a beautiful curve to her nose just one month post op, which is the type of nose i asked for, but i still have a hump,and under that it is straight, no curve. Im still confused as to how a curve can miraculously appear as time goes on, but we will see, i am trying to stay optimistic.

The after care when i got back to the UK has been so/so ,one email was not answered and my second email was replied to by the clinic team, and not all my concerns answered either.

If my dream nose appears i guess my review will be a true testament that you really do have to wait to see the change, therefor a great review for rhinoplasty aftermath :) So here are before pics and 2 weeks post op.

I was hasted to add i was nearly put off right from the start when it came to talking to the UK side of this clinic, i found both david and bridget to be quite unprofessional. Don't let this put you off, davids email manner has no warmth which isn't great, i spoke to four other women who all felt the same and that if it wasn't for the Facebook group they have, which is a great addition where you can see before and after photos and talk to other clients etc, then they would have gone else where, i think this is a terrible shame for the clinic which is clean, well presented and courteous.

10 weeks

so 10 weeks post of and I'm really not happy thus far, although trying so hard to stay positive, i have a consultation with my surgeon booked in December so i can speak face to face and he can see my issues in person.
Im just convinced he didnt give me a nose that fits with my features, this photo shows what i was aiming for wanted, which i showed the surgeon, he said yes that result was possible but even if a curve does appear i still have this unsightly broadness at the top, could it be swelling? who knows.

Most clients say they start to like their nose about now.

revision surgery with the same surgeon, the whole story!

In my honest opinion, i would say Adam kalecinski and his UK reps, upset and destroy more lives than they help. I am beyond upset. After an incredibly rude and uncomfortable consultation for revision with Adam on the outskirts of London, i had my revision surgery booked in, he had agreed to pay for my flights and that i could stay at the clinic apartment for free, which i only did for one night as the apartments are way below standards, ask many people who have stayed there, they will say the same. So i went into consultation after arriving in Poland and Adam,Marta and a younger doctor were there, Adam apologised for not giving me what i asked for the first time, that he understood he should have listened to what i would like and not just given me what he wanted, his preference on my face, which is what you can see in the pics above, so i stupidly thought, this time he's on the same page as me. I gave him a picture of what i would be happy with, which i had altered in photoshop, he said " so this is what you would be happy with" i said, it really seemed like he would listed this time.
Surgery itself went fine,sickout the next day not so much, i was very unwell with high blood pressure, which i had never had before. On my arrival to Poland on the flight i had an extreme pain in my head, when we landed they had me in the hospital bay and didn't let me go for an hour, due to very high BP, so the fact that i had never had high BP before and then twice in 2 days worried me, even the nurse at the clinic was worried for me, as I'm 34 and slender, no need for this high a BP.
Adam want bothered, pack your bags and go to your hotel basically, i stumbled to get myself dressed and ready to leave packing my belongings, i felt faint and pressed the buzzer,was told i still couldn't stay (didn't even take my temperature but i felt as though i was burning up).

I pulled myself into the clinic reception and promptly burst into tears, i was an absolute mess, eventually Adam came over and told me i could stay as long as i wanted but not over night, i thought "what a joke" i had to go through feeling as awful as i did, pushing myself to get into the reception and now he says i can stay?! forget it, i was going to my hotel to rest.

At the hotel i was still so upset i went onto their Facebook page and simply asked the following
"Has anyone left earlier than 5 days and had their stitches and cast removed back in the UK?"

This turned into a complete nightmare,in which you can see in the pics below.

Now what i didn't realise at the time was the anastesia i had, caused depression and un well feelings, although i wasn't being dramatic, i just asked a question i thought at the time was ok to simply ask? Wrong, i was then lead into being completely tormented by the UK rep David, he went from saying what was said on the Facebook page to email where he threatened to stop me flying, this went on, finally when i asked my boyfriend to get involved David threatened the police would come and escort me to the clinic. I was an absolute frightened mess,locking the door to my hotel room,screaming and crying. Later when i mustered enough strength to think a little more clear i called the actual clinic , who stated they had no idea David had said these things to me, he had no right, no jurisdiction and was completely out of order for worrying me like this. The man had completely antagonised a very unwell woman, and for what purpose??!! because i had asked a simple question because i was upset at how i had been turfed out of the clinic even though i was quite clearly unwell? that when i got back to the hotel i was so sick i couldnt walk?!

The rest of the stay was difficult, i was very depressed and the only time i felt ok was speaking to other clinic patients who were also upset with David for some reason or another, i didn't feel so alone. The day after all the drama, david was actually at the clinic! i kept my cool and didn't say a word to him, instead i told Adam, he didn't seem to care, and kept muttering "very strange",no more was said about it.

However the rest of time i was still a mess, and in the end my wonderful mother flew over in the last three days to be with me.

When the cast came off i could see a slope, although slight, had Adam given me what we both discussed was ok to have? i was excited. But obviously needed to mention that David has treated me appalling , Adam simply told me to "move on".

Just before leaving the clinic, i spoke to the receptionist , the lady who originally put my mind at ease , she clarified what David did was out of line, and that she had personally asked him not to have any contact with me and to leave me alone.

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and yet again i can already see Adam has done the minimal he could do, no he didn't create anything close to what we both agreed on. So, yet again i have had to go through another surgery, been antagonised when mentally unstable by their UK rep and am not able to get back to my modelling which i was so eager to do, not being able to with the last nose i had and now i dont see it being foreseeable with this one neither, the projection is way too much, my eyes look so incredibly small, but forget that you are hearing what i wanted and what i dont have and concentrate on that we had discussed and were supposed to be on the same page, and for the second time, we were not.

I dont believe patients who have surgery abroad have enough rights when these type of situations happen, when you pay with your money, with your mental health and your career and there is little you can do, and you literally feel beyond deflated, this is my surgery story, this is my updated horror story :(

Luckily i took audio recordings of everything i encountered the day after the horror.

14 weeks 3.5 months later update

So, haha, where do i begin, i will keep the last few months short.
I was threatened with legal action through the surgery, the UK side, for setting up a private Facebook group where people could chat about their stories, good and bad but mainly it was set up because i had so many ladies coming to me complaining that they could not speak openly on the Surgery clinic Facebook or they would get their comments removed and often blocked.

So long story short, that happened and it was pretty gross to say the least, as they pointed out that (even though i spoke nothing but fact) defamation is illegal in Poland, yes ...i am serious people.
So, food for thought if you are getting over seas surgery, and it doesn't turn out as it should wether that be minor or botched it seems you cannot then go public (away from a specific site like real self where you can express yourself without issue) with your story, even if it is indeed fact, you are completely trapped and you cannot bring legal action against them unless you are in the country, hard truths. Had i known this before I would never had gone abroad, because if it does go wrong, its not good.

So away from that ordeal, Facebook group was shutdown and i started to get on with my life.

My nose is not what i asked for, my surgeon was VERY hesitant against giving me the sloped nose, he said it was a fake looking nose *tell that to the Dutch*. We discussed that it would be sloped and it would be reduced in profile. what I'm left with is a squint to see the slope effect with a VERY bulbous tip, its pretty huge. I contacted another surgeon in America and he said he would need to see my records, now i have previously been told from other women that they could not get these from the clinic however i was able to, and low and behold...... no reduction on the profile and hardly anything done on the revision, even though i was in his office for an hour being painstakingly honest about what i wanted and if he couldn't do it to let me know, but he said he could.

Re:the tip , i had my revision surgery at 7 months so, i don not know if this is all still swelling (please god say it is). Also, my nose goes off to one side, this was like this after surgery/cast removal and the nurse said this was normal, it was swelling ??????????????

At the end of the day if i could go back in time i wouldn't have gone to this clinic, however my results could have been a lot worse, i just wish i had gone to a rhinoplasty specialist and not a surgeon where one fits all, in my opinion.

5 months later

So here is a 5 month update. The bridge became a it slimmer but on the right where he chipped into the bone you can feel the ridge where its not evenly matched on the other side, if you look closely you can also see it.
the tip is still bulbous and even though we discussed in length that i wanted this made smaller and the projection, i received my medical notes for the surgery and he didn't do anything - which proved my point that he literally does what he wants in a surgery, the bare minimum on my revision :(

Its so difficult because you want to trust that what you have agreed on will be what will happen, and then to find out afterwards it didn't happen, and trust me i was very direct and he got the point about what i desired, on revision day he even apologised to me and explained that he knew what i wanted and would do that, i went over points just to be on the safe side and we were all smiles.

So, the tip is still extremely bulbous and i now know that i shouldn't expect any decreased projection because there wasn't any made, and now i have to live with this even though i paid my money for a specific job and it turns out i could not trust this surgeon on not just one but two occasions, its heart braking really.
Adam kalecinski

I would never recommend this clinic or surgeon to anyone, i could never have imagined the mental health issues i would have encountered through going to this clinic and this surgeon. Adam can seem very nice, unless you annoy him by asking too many questions :( The UK staff professionalism is awful! and downright detrimental but the receptionist with pale blonde hair was beyond lovely and kind. Adam answered my questions, but did not stick to what we agreed first time or second, i feel i will end up botched due to this surgeons unbelievable arrogance and mal practise.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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