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Hello all, I'm coming to you several hours...

Hello all, I'm coming to you several hours after my Zoom! procedure was performed. I was on Groupon when I saw an advertisement for Zoom! and got curious. For hours, I researched horror stories at length, looked at youtubes and finally decided to go get whitening. I never use whitening strips (that I can remember) and only used whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.

2 hours before the procedure I popped an Ibuprophen to prevent any inflammation or anything like that during the procedure. When I started, I remember hearing the practitioner say I was something like an A2. I was able to sit through 4 15minute sessons back to back without any pain whatsoever. For several weeks prior to the visit I used Crest ProHealth toothpaste which fights sensitivity and I do regularly floss. Not even a pinch. My tongue was dry, but I think that was from the fan or the air blowing in my mouth over an hour.

The result I think was approximately 7 shades lighter. I forgot the term she used but something like "C" then a number was presented. I could definitely tell the difference even though my eye is untrained, my teeth having a brighter, clearer appearance.

I was fortunate to have professional, experienced and friendly staff who guided me through the process, gave me flouride treatment to start the healing process and sent me on my way.

On the drive home (2 hours) I felt a total of 1 zinger. I have had broken bones and tattoos, so I'm not a stranger to pain, but that was the first time I experienced the infamous zinger. It quickly calmed down. I had 2 more of them since then, but again, they went as quickly as they came.

Bottom line: Zoom may not be for everyone. Ask questions, Ask questions, and ask questions whenever you attempt a major medical procedure. I already take relatively good care of my teeth although they were stained from years of dark foods/drink, knew what the procedure entailed before hand and prepared accordingly. I am usually the last person to up for a new type procedure, but I definitely vouch for this procedure.

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Although the driving force was a group discount, the doctor that I researched was experienced, confident and extremely professional. Her staff were also equally professional and it was worth every penny.

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