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I signed up for a 6 session package. My inner...

I signed up for a 6 session package. My inner arms needed toning. The tech said, it would work but I would need about 6 sessions to see results. I had already had a few sessions prior to it so I figured this would finally work. After the first 2 sessions the tech was gone. A doctor administered the third session telling me that techs could no longer
give the treatment. After 2 more treatments my arms got worse than when started. I asked the doctor why this was happening, he said that the tech never should have sold me the package for my needs. He offered to do the last 2 treatments on my neck. I am so disappointed and upset. I saved my money for 6 months to get this $1,900.00 package just to find out that not only did it not work, but it also made my arms twice as bad looking. Now not only do I have cellulite in back of both arms, I have wrinkles in the front of my arms that are very noticeable. I wanted to let you all know this if you are considering this treatment. It does not work. Period.
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At this time I do not want to put the doctors name on line. I am going to try to recoup some of my money and possibly use it towards something that they offer other than tri polar. Maybe injections or something that will show results on my face and/or hands.

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