Explant After 8 Years of 300 Cc S Ilicone

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Explanted yesterday, this was supposed to be the...

explanted yesterday, this was supposed to be the first stage of a revision, but you know what? the thought of putting implants in again makes me ill. I think i will stay with natural. I had capsular contracture, rippling, the works. I am now flat as a board and to be honest, it looks better now than it did with the implants. But it does NOT look as good as my original breasts - I think I have lost more than two thirds of my original breast tissue. The surgeon told me he'd have to remove a lot to get rid of the pathology (capsule, calcifications), and that a lot was lost due to pressure from my subglandular implant. So I expected it. My pre-augmentation was a small B. Now I look to be an AA. My ex husband has bigger breasts.....Girls, did anyone tell us this would happen?
. RIght now my problem is - how do i explain my suddenly flat chest to my co workers, my kids and everyone else? Ideas, anyone? I haven't told a soul I had the surgery. I look buxom now because I put the drains in my 36D bra to hold them up!! I am wearing the bra over my flat as a board foam and compression bra. . :-)
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