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Nineteen years and I still look amazing.


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10 Oct 2016

Updated, 5 months ago

Nineteen years and I still look amazing.

Nineteen years ago I had rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Robinson. It was a great experience and here I am, nineteen years later and my nose still looks amazing. I look like me; just a better me. I remember I was very nervous and Dr. Robinson and his staff answered all of my questions with patience and understanding. Take your time choosing a doctor to work on your face. It's your face! Faces are all Dr. Robinson does. He focuses on one thing and is the best in his field. I'm so happy I did it all those years ago. I have been able to enjoy my beautiful nose for nineteen years now. If I ever decide to do any other procedure on my face, I will place all my confidence in Dr. Robinson and his unparalleled skill as a surgeon. Every time I look in the mirror, I'm so pleased at the woman looking back at me.