NIGHTMARE! Does Not Work Unless You Want to Increase the Size of Your Thighs!

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I went through the entire 9 series of injections...

I went through the entire 9 series of injections in two different areas. What I got for my $4000 was pain, hives, bloody thighs, swollen legs, empty promises of how wonderful I would look in the end, and 1/4 of an inch INCREASE on both thighs. Thank you Lipo Dissolve/FIG for taking my money and widening my thighs! I was promised a refund of course but told I needed to wait 3 months to allow all of the swelling to go down. What do you know-when my three months were up and I went in for my appointment they were closed! They closed their doors one week before my schedule "refund" and filled bankruptcy. I'm amazed at how this company can get away with this. They have new centers opening up around the country, I don't know how this in legal. DON'T DON'T DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! THEY ARE LIARS, FRAUDS AND THEY WILL SMILE AT YOUR WHILE THEY STAB YOU IN THE BACK AND TAKE YOUR MONEY!!! Don't do it--RUN!!!

Lipo Dissolve St. Louis, MO

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