Careprost in Canada (Generic Latisse)

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I had been using eyelash extensions for 5 months...

I had been using eyelash extensions for 5 months and after finally removing them (permanently), I realized that I had almost no eyelashes of my own to speak of! I was so upset as the reason for eyelash extensions in the first place was my inability to grow decent lashes. As a side effect of hypothyroidism, I have very insignificant lashes and eyebrows. In researching a solutions, I discovered a cheaper solution than Latisse. Careprost has the same ingredients and was about an eighth of the price here in my city. I paid $29.00 CDN on I have been using it for 6 weeks now and am starting to see a thickening of my lashes. Keep in mind I had almost none left! I would recommend this product.
First few days I noticed very red eyes in the morning, but resolved with eyedrops. I have no problem using it. Very easy to quickly line your eyelash line with one pass at night. In the morning I wake and wash my face and done. Ready to go.
Worth the effort and I'll buy again.


Here are two pics. One is my own with Careprost, the other is with the last extensions. No mascara or upper lid makeup.

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