Help Needed Please - 12 Weeks Post Op - Manchester, GB

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Hi all, I had my tummy tuck operation on May 31st...

Hi all,

I had my tummy tuck operation on May 31st - Fleur De Lis full abdominoplasty.

The procedure was done on the NHS in the UK.

I am now 12 weeks post op and although my loose skin has been removed the journey has been far from easy...I truly did underestimate this procedure and how the surgery would affect my life.

The side effects just seemed never ending...swelling, infection, blood transfusion, haematoma, MRSA infection, burst stitches.....on and on the list that time it was like a living nightmare but now I'm all healed physically I was wondering about the "emotional" side of things and if any ladies have experienced the same ??

I've had 3 periods since my op and the PMS has been horrendous.... I have had trouble free periods all my life ( nearly 42 ) and never had any PMS symptoms - none whatsoever and this last episode has almost cost me my relationship :-(

The anger and frustration I feel is terrible, it has caused me to have an uncontrollable temper which has resulted in aggressive behaviour and violence towards my partner which is beyond terrible and I'm disgusted with myself and really need to identify the causes and seek a solution.

The behaviour is completely alien to me and I've never experienced this before....

Has anyone else had anything similar or could the anaesthetic trigger some kind of hormonal imbalance, I had two general anaesthetics and also a blood transfusion for the first time....

Many many thanks
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

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