If You Have Bad Acne, Go on Accutane - United Kingdom

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I am currently 16 years old. When I was 15 I had...

I am currently 16 years old. When I was 15 I had really bad acne, my self esteem was low and I hated going out purely because of how many spots I had on my face. During the process everything was fine, the only thing I hated about the check ups was that I had to have a few blood tests throughout 6 months I was on it and a pregnancy test each time I visited. I only got 2 side affects, I had dry lips. It wasn't just a little dry, they were so dry. but that was easily overcome, I just had to take a lip balm everywhere I went. In the 4th month I was on 3 tablets a day which is 60g of the drug. To start off, my body worked well with it. But as I have an eczema gene in my family, it gave me eczema on my arms and legs. But this too was easily overcome too, you just need to moisturize your body frequently. But if you don't have an eczema gene in your family, you probably won't get it. I have now been off of the drug for 2 months and my acne is completely gone. Sure I get the odd spot here and there, but not nearly as bad as they were. I now am so much more confident, I don't feel like I have to hide my face as it's not covered in spots anymore! Before going on accutane, I researched all of the side effects, and I was really scared incase I got the worst. But everyone says that, and hardly anyone ever gets the worst. If you have bad acne and want a confidence boost and clear skin, I suggest you go on accutane, because although you have to go for regular check ups and have a few minor side effects, it is totally worth it in the long run!

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