Nose Still Bulbous and Large Four Months After Rhinoplasty Surgical Procedure

Exactly four months ago, I underwent a closed...

Exactly four months ago, I underwent a closed rhinoplasty to reduce a bump on the bridge of my nose. When the cast originally came off the week after surgery, the bridge of my nose looked very thin and delicate, exactly how I wanted, however the tip was very swollen and bulbous. My surgeon explained that it takes at least 12 months after surgery for the tip to heal, however I have not seen any changes in the past four months. In fact, my nose actually looks bigger than when I first saw my resculpted nose, and now my bridge looks very thick and manly.

I definitely do not regret going through the surgery, however I am disappointed that I only improved my appearance slightly and invested so much money into a procedure that still leaves me feeling insecure about my nose... Is there any way that I can speed up the healing process or is my nose just going to be unattractive forever?

Is my nose supposed to look thicker and my tip bulbous four months after rhinoplasty?
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