Trying It Again - Newport Beach, CA

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VelaShape DOES work, but it works better on some...

VelaShape DOES work, but it works better on some than others. It should also be known that VelaShape is on it's third machine, currently the VelaShape III. The earlier machines are probably still in use in some locations, however they do not have the same features, nor do they give the same results. So, if you are reading a review from 2009-2014, you are reading about the original VelaShape, then came the VelaShape II. VelaShape IIIhas the ability to give you great results, and it also can give you results that are not usually mentioned if you go to a provider who does not have thorough training and experience. I recommend that you be very careful in choosing who is going to use this machine on you, as it is very powerful. Also, if you are getting these treatments at a cheap price, it is because the machine is old and probably purchased from someone who was replacing it with an updated version. In the wrong hands, VelaShape is powerful enough to melt MORE fat than you want or anticipated removal of. If that happens, you are left with sagging skin. The resulting lax skin may or MAY NOT contract, depending on skin quality and your age. Beware, as even some of the provider's have not been told or warned of these unwanted results. It happened to me with VelaShape II, and I am now back trying the Vela III, for skin tightening only, as I do not want fat removal. I have seen some mild results so far.
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