Don't Do This, I Had Perm Filler in Lips and It Ruined Them - Newport Beach, CA

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It is not acceptable by most doctors to inject...

It is not acceptable by most doctors to inject silicone into an area of the face! It moves! I had it done to my lips, and the results were bad. After a few years, the silicone micro droplets moved south, gravity always wins. Some of them got infected, say, when I had a cold, then I would have to go and get heavy duty antibiotics to make them cool down. But the worst was that the granules grew, and I had to have them cut out. Then I had a lip lift to fix the gravity issue, as the micro drops of silicone made my lips "long," don't ever ever allow anyone to inject you with silicone, I have known many people who had same experience as I did. This is not something to take likely, the silicone WILL migrate. It may take years, but you will be deformed.
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Dr. In Orange County, CA She does not practice silicone injections anymore, she was reported to police and medical community.

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