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I am 38 years old, normal weight (5'2" 118lb). I...

I am 38 years old, normal weight (5'2" 118lb). I had my last baby 11 months ago and managed to loose all the pregnancy weight plus another 5 lb. I have always been self conscious about my small pouch under my chin and my slope shape neck, but lately I noticed that my skin is more saggy and wrinkled specially when I swallow or put my tongue
against the roof of my mouth (trick that i did for many years in order that diminish the appearance of the double chin. I went in for a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon in southern california. He suggested the "lunchtime neck shrink lift" in which he would remove some fat and then he would use smart lipo mpx for shrinking, definition and tightening of the neck and jowls. As I keep researching I often see complaints about getting better jawline definition but the worsening of the texture of the skin on the neck (more saggy and wrinkled). At this point I am getting nervous about the procedure. Please need feedback!!!! I would really appreciate it! Here are some pics.


I did it!!!

Did it last Monday (8/26) so I am at 4 days post op. Everything went well, I took regular Tylenol for the first two days. I also had my inner knees done.
So, here are some pictures 4 days after the procedure.
Thank You

4 days post op...

4 days post op

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