DO NOT EXPECT MIRACLES!! This is Not a Substitution for LIPO.... - Newport Beach, CA

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Hi everyone....I spent over $4kon Sculpsure. My dr...

Hi everyone....I spent over $4kon Sculpsure. My dr. was amazing. Honestly, it only promises about 25% reduction in fat. This is NOT a "miracle solution". Of course I wanted better results....wouldn't anyone!? I am 5'4" and 122 pounds. I don't have a TON of fat to lose. However, I was expecting serious results..and I will tell you that the results came and went. They came, when, after I did this, I was consistent with my diet (eating clean - no sugar, carbs, low fat, vegan, etc), but when I went on two vacations and drank almost every night and then ate everything under the sun....the fat didn't totally come back, but it came back enough for me to ask myself "what did you pay for!?" So think carefully what 25% fat reduction means to you....for me, it's nominal, so yes, could I see a difference? Yes, mildly. But not enough to warrant the $4k cost to do this. I don't hold it against the dr. I went to, because this procedure is relatively new, and I liked him and his staff, and sadly, he probably got sold a bag of goods from his Cynosure sales rep, to buy the machine in the first place.... :( I just don't feel like the amount I paid gave me the "bang for the buck" I was anticipating. Let this be a lesson to the your research on non-invasive body treatments (as there are MANY!) before you elect-for this one!
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