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Just like everyone else on here wanting...

Just like everyone else on here wanting rhinoplasty I have hated my nose since as long as I can remember probably since I was 13 when I first noticed it I'm now 23 & so ready to do this. I hate the way it looks it has a bump a bulbous tip, it's crooked and my nostrils are big I feel like it takes over my whole face & the attention is ALWAYS on my nose or atleast it feels that way lol. I constantly think and obsess over it and I'm over it I'm so insecure and depressed over the way I look I hate going out I feel like it won't get better till I get my nose done & can have fun and focus on other things. I'm hoping that after the surgery my new nose will flow with my face more & bring out my other features instead of all the focus being on my nose. Of course my family and friends say that I don't need it, I'm doing it 100% for myself. I'm so ready to be confident happy & feel pretty! =]
I'm hoping to schedule the surgery in the next few months!!!
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