Looking for grigoryants patients!!! Newport Beach, CA

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Ever since I can remember I have disliked my nose....

Ever since I can remember I have disliked my nose. I have a hump and I bulbous tip. I am finally able to get a rhinoplasty and I am stuck between 2 doctors. Dr. Sadati and Dr. Sajjadian. My expectations for my nose would be a profile similar to Angelina Jolie's. I will post pictures of what I want. Let me know what you think


I had a consultation with Dr. Sadati yester day and he mentioned something to me that no other doctors had noticed. He mentioned I had a slight deviated septum. He said that wasn't the problem in my case. He mentioned that the (what you call) filters in my nose are swollen and that has caused my breathing issue. I am happy that he was so helpful and I like that fact that he is an ear nose throat doctor.


I made a consultation appointment with grigoryants! He is very busy. The appointment I have is for January 20th. I'm very exited and I can't wait to meet him! His before and after pictures are the best I have seen. I have also seen some reviews on him from real self and those lovely people are thrilled. I would like to discuss with some people the experience they had and before and afters.


After a year since my last post I have finally decided to make an appointment for my rhinoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants. However when I called the office the closest appointment was in June and I was hoping to have a closer date. I requested to be on the waiting list for the month of March for someone cancellation. I wondering if any of you have done this before? Is there a good chance that I will get this appointment?

?Cancellation dates with grigoryants

I called last week to make an appointment and they told me the next available one was in June. I requested to be in the waiting list and the receptionist asked me what month was ideal. I told her March and she said she would contact me if there were any cancelations. I was wondering when the time span was to here back from the office? Also if it is ideal to expect a cancellation?

Still waiting

I still haven't heard anything from the office! I know I haven't been waiting long I am just so excited which makes me inpatient! I was wondering if calling them to check in about the surgery dates once in a while would help?


Called the office today to check up on surgery dates and they had an opening! My surgery is scheduled for March 21st, which is perfect because my spring break starts the 20th. I'm so excited! It's at the tarzana center. What is the experience like there ?


I check RS very often for reviews about Dr.G and recently I've come across not so great reviews. I know he is an amazing doctor and all his before and afters are what I want in a nose. I'm just freaking out a little!

Pre op!

So I h

Pre op!

So i had my pre op yesterday and everything went well! Dr.G went over what he would be doing doing the surgery. I'm so excited! I wish 3 weeks would come sooner

Post op

Okay guys so I just got home about an hour ago from surgery and so far I'm feeling good. I woke up with pain but after I left I ate some pudding and took a pain killer and felt SO much better. I'm so glad I decided to take my medications with me because the drive back took forever! I've never been under before so this was all a brand new experience. I woke up very confused and I had an oxygen mask on as well. I have minimal brushing at the moment and I am trying to ice in intervals. I'll keep posted with more updates

Day 1

Today I woke up so early. I wanna say 5am. I then took my antibiotic and I didn't have any pain today except for a little pinching feeling at the top of my nose, so I took some medication. I felt fine during the day but Towards the end of the night I started feeling claustrophobic and I'm already getting uncomfortable with the cast on my face:( not to mention that I'm already irritated because I can't eat anything that Really fills me up. Blah tonight was just tough but I know that it will all be worth it. My cast comes off on Saturday so I'm just counting down the days

Day 2/3/4

Let's start with day 2
Post op day 1 and 2 were the hardest for me just because the swelling in my face was so bad that It made me feel clastorfobic. My cheecks felt really tight and my face didn't even look like me. In the morning I ate pudding to take with my antibiotic and I iced my face whenever I had the chance to do so. Luckily I didn't have any pain, just the uncomfortable swelling is all. At night I had some trouble falling asleep just because my mouth was getting very dry and I would start coughing but eventually I fell asleep
Day 3
I woke up at about 6 am to take my antibiotic and then quickly went back to sleep for a few more hours. I stopped wearing the drip pad. Although be cautious because your nose will leak sometimes. The swelling from my eyes had gone down to my cheeks although there was still a good amount on my eyes ! Haha I look/ still look like a chipmunk. I woke up feeling much better than day 2 thank god! I did some research and decided to get arnica tables and gel. That is suppose to reduse swelling, stiffness and brushing. I would recommend staring this a week before surgery instead of 2 days after, I think it would be more helpful. The only problem with day 3 is that I was STATVING I was looking up pictures of food all day ahaha I know that doesn't help but I really wanted a cheeseburger and wingstop. My dad came home at night with left over pizza and I literally ate about half of the box. Oops. Any way I had no pain at all this day just swelling and again I iced my face as much as possible and put the arnica gel on my face about 4 times. Falling asleep wasn't difficult I think this was actually the best night of sleep I have had all week.
Today I woke up feeling exited and energetic due to the fact that I'm getting my cast off tomorrow! I can't wait to get this off of my face! At least I'll be able to look slightly normal! Swelling went down so much. My cheeks don't feel as puffy and the bruising is almost all yellow. My mom made chocolate chip pancakes this morning and I inhaled them, I was starving. Oh and I would recommend cleaning around the nose area whenever it bleeds starting from first day post op just because the blood will harden in the nose. I wish I had started cleaning it earlier just because there are areas I'm scared to touch now, I don't want to pull stitches out or anything.
I think that's all the info I have, if you have any questions just ask!

Cast removal

I got my cast removed today and I'm so in love! Ahh I was so happy I hugged him. My face is still very swollen and bruised. I brought concealer because I knew we were going to Pasadena for lunch. My nose is still stuffed though so I'm still breathing out of my mouth. I thought the cast removal would hurt but it was far from that, just a little sore, but that may be because I have a high pain tolerance. I am over the moon right now wow. I had human contact outside of my home and it was great aside from the fact that I looked like I had been beaten hahA


The tissue Is a joke but these are the only pictures I've taken so far

Pictures didn't post before

Here are side by side pictures!

It didn't post before


It's been 10 days post op and I know it hasn't been very long but my nose is still very fat in the front. I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this and if so how much did your swelling go down and how long did it take? I'm just self conscious because my nose is thicker than it was before and I feel like I look so different right now.


I've been so busy that I haven't had time to post! Here are some pics. Feel free to ask any questions!

from photos

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